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Girls Night

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2014-12-04 22.57.27Kimbo and I decided that we ought to try and arrange a regular monthly girls get together, so we kicked off our first outing this week.
There’s always one with their eyes shut…!2014-12-04 19.46.45We started the night at Match Bar on Margaret Street (just off Regent Street).2014-12-04 19.47.06We grabbed a quick drink and then headed onwards for a bite to eat.
2014-12-04 20.07.01
2014-12-04 20.07.22We managed to make a reservation via OpenTable at a place called Mediterranean Cafe in Soho.2014-12-04 23.02.21This place was the cutest thing, they had proper cheesy Christmas decor going on, it was brilliant.
2014-12-04 21.51.42We had booked for the two course set menu, so we had a little peruse and placed our orders.2014-12-04 20.34.00First up I went for the Cheese Borek – Feta cheese in filo pastry served with mixed salad.2014-12-04 20.51.24I have to say, I wasn’t expecting the food to be amazing (don’t judge a book by it’s cover I hear you cry – I know, I know) but this was sooo good. I could’ve had it again for mains, it was absolutely delicious!2014-12-04 20.43.27I love these wine bottle candle holders, really want to try these one day, I mean I’m pretty sure I drink enough wine to warrant it..!

Next up for mains, I went for – along with most of the other girls – the Char-Grill Lamb Kebab.Β This was really good too, although as I’d already been out for lunch with work (#firstworldproblems again I know) I was preeety full, so unfortunately I couldn’t actually get through it all, much to my disappointment!2014-12-04 21.11.15Good food, and good company – all in all a great night!2014-12-04 21.50.45I’m currently wondering if they do takeaway Cheese Borek… I would be ALL over that. πŸ˜‰
Until next month beautiful ladies! *mwah*


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