Liberty of London – Christmas Shop

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2014-12-10 20.16.36Christmas 2013 was the first time I ever ventured into the Libertys Christmas shop. Fast forward 12 months and I definitely wanted to make a second visit…

Before I begin, I should warn you that there are many more pictures than there are words in this post…! I feel like the pictures speak for themselves to be totally honest…2014-12-10 20.16.45The famous flower stall has some Christmassy editions ^^2014-12-10 20.18.59
2014-12-10 20.19.15
2014-12-10 20.19.20
2014-12-10 20.18.49
2014-12-10 20.16.31
2014-12-10 20.18.41And the window displays are absolutely beautiful.2014-12-10 20.20.08
2014-12-10 20.19.39The Christmas shop is on the 4th floor, so I made my way up the stairs…2014-12-10 20.14.40And was greeted by a life-size polar bear and deer.2014-12-10 20.07.06Once you head inside you’re enveloped in a sort of grotto of lights, decorations and gifts.2014-12-10 20.12.59
2014-12-10 20.12.21There are more baubles than you could ever imagine.2014-12-10 20.11.51
2014-12-10 20.05.31
2014-12-10 20.03.11The ceilings are all covered in fairy lights,2014-12-10 20.10.06
2014-12-10 20.10.33and there are both ordinary and extraordinary gifts and decorations to peruse..2014-12-10 20.09.26
2014-12-10 20.08.54
2014-12-10 20.08.42
2014-12-10 20.08.20
2014-12-10 20.06.55
2014-12-10 20.06.39
2014-12-10 20.06.22
2014-12-10 20.06.13
2014-12-10 20.05.17
2014-12-10 20.05.03
2014-12-10 20.04.49
2014-12-10 20.04.37
2014-12-10 20.04.27
2014-12-10 20.04.08
2014-12-10 20.03.37
2014-12-10 20.04.57If you get the chance to visit Libertys over Christmas, then make sure you head upto the fourth floor for the Christmas shop! It’s pretty pricey, so it’s not exactly realistic to expect to get everything you need there, but it’s definitely worth a trip either way, and you never know, you might be able to pick up a couple extra fancy baubles for the tree!


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