The Boohoo Christmas Jumpers

2014-12-15 19.37.28Surprisingly enough it was harder than I thought to find a good Christmas jumper this year.

I originally went to Primark, thinking that it would be the best place to get a reasonably priced cheesy Christmas jumper, but no. Turns out, the only ones they had either lit up like a Christmas tree, or played music… errr, thanks, but no thanks. I mean I wanted a cheesy jumper, but that was going a little far!
I did a little more searching and finally stumbled across these two on Boohoo. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I went for both… whoops! Plus there were loaaads of other good ones too.2014-12-15 19.37.55I love this one, it’s a very dark green, and an off the shoulder style, which I’m a big fan of anyway (I love big slouchy jumpers). And it’s Home Alone themed! Bloody love it.2014-12-15 19.38.55Well, what can I say, if you know me, you know I’m a liiiittle bit obsessed with pugs, so I saw this one below and absolutely couldn’t resist. I mean, it’s a pug-rudolph!2014-12-15 19.38.17
2014-12-15 19.38.28I got these both in a M/L (the whole liking big slouchy jumpers thing), but it was lucky I did actually as they do come up fairly small. The green one is probably a perfect size for what I wanted, but the red one is perhaps a tad smaller that I would’ve liked.
I have to say, the only downside is that they’re not very breathable – wearing the green one on the tube was not particularly pleasant! But they’re definitely very cosy for wearing about the house, and of course, they’re Christmassy!
You can find the green one here, and the red one here. πŸ™‚


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