Our Christmas Card Display

2014-12-19 15.38.14This Christmas I decided I wanted to do something a little different with the way we displayed our cards.
Now I’m pretty sure I saw this on Pinterest (I mean, where else?) and it’s sooo easy to do.
I spent about 10 minutes googling ‘mini pegs’, and there are loads of places that do them, but the cheapest ones I found were on Amazon here, at only £1.18 for a pack of 100!2014-12-19 15.38.51You can see they’re only diddy – around about an inch in length, but just right for holding up cards.2014-12-19 15.39.05I then just bought a roll of string and attached it to the wall. (I used a picture hook that was already up and then a small sticky hook at the other end.)2014-12-19 15.41.09
2014-12-19 15.38.41Then all that was left to do was attach the cards!2014-12-19 15.39.18I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out, and it was so easy and cheap to do. It saves all the surfaces getting cluttered with cards and makes a little feature out of them at the same time. [insert smug pleased-with-self grin here] 😉


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  • That is so cute! I did the exact thing but for my wedding and hung photos of myself and him on it… from when we were babies, to kids, to teens and then us together while we were dating. It was cute and my family enjoyed looking at “the timeline” of us 😀


  • This is such a cute idea! I would totally do this– but I only received 3 Christmas cards this year. I guess none of my friends want to spend money on stamps- LOL! And I know none of my family members sent out any. It was actually kind of sad. Hmmm. If I get more next year, I’ll definitely do something like this!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    • Thank you! Aw that’s a shame! Although some people just aren’t ‘card people’! I know my boyfriends family don’t really do cards, there’s probably only about two out of ours that are from his family/friends! X

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