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Merry Boxing Day One and All!

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2014-12-25 15.28.58I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday! I feel well and truly stuffed I have to say! (All these pictures will certainly explain that!)
Hello beef wellington! ^^2014-12-25 15.27.19
2014-12-25 15.31.58We’ve been at Nick’s mums for Christmas Day and Boxing Day morning. Nick made his beef wellington tradition, and there was much wine and cheese consumption afterwards – just to add to the sheer volume of food that we’d already consumed!2014-12-25 15.31.52
2014-12-25 15.27.32
2014-12-25 15.27.52
2014-12-25 15.28.10
2014-12-25 15.28.37#chefnick‘s beef wellington never fails to impress – it is ALWAYS absolutely delicious! We managed to polish off around about three quarters of it between us by the end of Christmas Day and then halved the last piece for lunch today. Heavenly.2014-12-25 15.17.33Nick’s brother brought with him a selection of cheeses and red wines ^^ We have comte, stilton, cheddar and another blue cheese on the right which I can’t for the life of me remember the name of! For the wine we had a lighter Pinot Noir and also a richer Chateau Coufran which went very well with the stilton. Although as I’m a fairly new red wine drinker I did prefer the Pinot Noir slightly more as it’s a little lighter and easier to drink. Both were delicious though!2014-12-25 15.17.45I’ve been very spoilt by all I have to say, I will probably do a little present round-up post in the coming week, but lets just say Santa has been very good to me! 😀
Whilst I’m here I’d just like to say thank you so much for following along with October Eleven, whether it be via Bloglovin’ or WordPress, I’m very grateful for you stopping by to have a snoop, or leave me a comment or a like – it makes me very happy indeed! I’m loving being back in the swing of things with blogging, I’m learning new things as I go, and I hope that 2015 will teach me even more.
I hope you have all been feeling suitably stuffed and tipsy these past two days, and that Santa has been good to all of you too!


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