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champagne1Last year I did a sort of round up post on New Years eve, and it was quite refreshing to sit and take a look back over the year, so I thought it would be nice to do something similar for 2014.
Grab yourself a cuppa, this is a long un’!

New Years Day 2015. We all say it, but hasn’t the year gone quickly! It’s hard to believe that we’re at the beginning of another year already.

So back to 2014 and first up, January (obvs). I’d been at my current job for about a month, so was settling in and getting into a routine. We went skiing to Avoriaz mid Jan which was amazing – I did a post on it here – that was definitely the highlight of January!

I don’t think a great deal happened in February, there was Valentines day and we decided to stay at home (#chefnick cooked obvs) and we had a really chilled out evening. Sometime between February and March we decided that we were going to move out of our flat when the contract was up, so when March came around we started to look properly at new places. We were moving from Bucks to London, and had no idea what sort of places we would be looking to live in, or what kind of price we’d have to pay, so there was a lot of trial and error when it came to actually viewing places.

March also saw one of my best friends get married. Regular readers of this blog will know this little-un, my partner in crime – Kayleigh! The wedding itself was a last minute celebration as Kayleigh and her husband are planning to move to America, so wanted to be married in order to put in their first visas. Time was of the essence and they got married about a month or two after they decided their plans (Kayleigh you’ll have to correct me if that’s wrong!). The only thing was, they got married on a weekday which meant that myself and one of our other best friends weren’t able to attend 😦 I’m secretly hoping that they’ll have a big ol’ wedding party once they’ve moved to America and we can all go and visit for a giant knees-up! 😉

Back to house-hunting and eventually we found the flat we wanted and moved in mid April. Nick’s brother helped us move and after some serious packing skills, we managed to fit just about everything into two loads on the transit van! It was a tiresome day, but as much as I hate packing, I do love unpacking! Finding a home for everything is probably the best bit about moving, but it was a pretty stressful process overall. I’ve mentioned before about how it’s entirely different when you’re moving from a family home to a new place than from 1 place to another, and I totally get why people say that moving is stressful now! I’ve moved to a new place every year now for almost 7 years, and it’s getting a bit tiresome. I know our place now won’t be our ‘forever house’ although we do plan to stay for another year or so. I just hope that the next time we move it will be to somewhere we can stay for a good few years!

May, June and July weren’t hugely eventful, there was lots of final planning for Laura’s hen do, and bridesmaid dress fittings and wedding bits and pieces, then on the 1st August, we set sail (well, by car/train) to Standon Calling festival for the hen do. There had been such a lot of planning that we were all relieved for the day to finally arrive! A little bit of wet weather and a couple of illnesses, but 3 days later and we’d all survived! Although I vowed that if I ever went to a festival again I would bring a blow up mattress to sleep on!
The following week was hen do number two – the more civilised one for the slightly older females of the family. This time we’d organised a tea party. Our plans were scuppered by the weather again though, so our outdoor gathering had to swiftly be turned into an indoor gathering, but I think we pulled it off anyway! 😉

In between all of the wedding festivities in the middle of August I decided to re-launch this little old blog! I’d been promising it for a while, and the boyf had been promising to make me a bespoke site, but I’d gotten a little impatient, so decided to take matters into my own hands. One day on a whim, I exported my site from Blogger and imported it to WordPress. I had a browse through themes and came across the one I’m using now, which funnily enough isn’t actually far off what I wanted Nick to create for me. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and started to customise certain bits and bobs as much as I could. Soon the 25th August arrived and I was ready with my first post, and the rest is history! I aimed to post 3 times a week, generally on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and I’ve stuck to my guns which I’m pretty damn pleased with! I’m loving doing restaurant and home decor posts so hopefully there will be much more of that in 2015. 🙂
A few days later and it was the much anticipated Farrance wedding – I could say so much about this day, but I’ll keep it simple – it was perfect. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid and to be a part of a day where two of my best friends got married. It was a very emotional day, even for me (the emotionless corpse!) and I will never forget it, a day surrounded by my very best friends, it’ll be hard to top!

Early September was spent on a bit of a wedding-high if I’m honest! The low that followed was a little depressing, but I struggled through (!) and by that point it wasn’t too  long ’til my birthday! The leaves started to shed from their trees and the ground was swimming in deep autumnal colours, all ready for my favourite month – October!

Birthday time came around and every year I think to myself, ‘how did I get to this age!’ Nevertheless, it was fun and frolics all round, my friends from home came up to visit and we headed out to meet lots of others in town for cocktails and dancing (all the juicy deets can be found in my post here), plus I was thoroughly spoilt by all, which was lovely!

November arrived and I managed to make a visit to see some of my family in Scotland which was long overdue. I love being up there, it’s so relaxing and it’s always so good to see people. I hadn’t managed to see them for over a year just because we couldn’t find a time that suited us both, or the funds to visit, so I was really pleased that I managed to get up there again – plus I got a total bargain on flights with Ryanair, so I’m hoping I’m going to be able to take advantage of that again and visit much more regularly.
I also managed to get pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done in November which I was pretty pleased with! The Oxford Street crowds are much more manageable at that time I have to say!

So as December rolled around, the work lunches started, I summed these all up in my post here, but it was safe to say I felt like a roly poly for a fair while afterwards!
Christmas was lovely, my post here summed up most of the food side and then the present side here. Food, wine and presents to and from loved ones, why can’t we do this every month?! 😉
New Years eve was a quiet one this year, Nick and I stayed in, ordered Dominos and drank Champagne – see above pic! At first I was a bit sad that we wouldn’t be seeing the new year in with others as well, but really as long as I’m with Nick, nothing else matters. *cringe alert!* 😉

And now, looking forward to 2015, I’m not sure what to expect to be honest! We’re off skiing in January again, so that’s the most exciting thing planned so far! We will most likely renew our contract on our flat for another year and there are a few weddings happening too.
Blog wise, I’m planning to keep up with my 3 posts a week, and just carry on learning as I go, experimenting with photography, hopefully learning more about my camera too and just enjoying everything! I’d like to try and do a bit more self promotion too, I’m always very conscious about spamming people with blog stuff, but I think that being so conscious about it has meant that I have probably restricted what I could have done – so I’m going to try and kick it up a notch in 2015 and see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Lastly I’d just like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope you’re not feeling too hungover today, and if you are then that just means you had a feckin’ good time last night! So don’t feel too bad about it. 😉

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