10 Current Favourites #2

favourites 2There have been a few new bits and pieces over the Christmas period, and a few new things I’ve picked up over the last couple of months as well, so I decided to share an updated favourites today.

I do like to include a variety of things in my favourites, so first up:2015-01-02 14.05.521. Nescafé Vanilla Latte
Now I know that the serious coffee drinkers of you will probably be horrified at the idea of this (!) but I don’t normally drink coffee, at all. A few months ago a friend at work introduced me to the vanilla latte from Caffe Nero, which I did enjoy, but still found it a tad strong (not in taste, but after effect!), plus coffee shop coffees are fairly expensive and I was always much happier drinking all the free tea at work. 😉
However, over Christmas I was given one of these, and d’ya know what, I really bloody like it! Not too strong, easy to drink and all you have to do is pour the contents of the sachet into a mug and top up with boiling water (additional milk optional 🙂 ) A seriously easy way to have coffee at home!2015-01-02 14.17.242. Design * Sponge at Home – Grace Bonney
This book I mentioned in my Christmas present round up post, and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s basically a snoop through lots of different houses and apartments all over the world – bloody brilliant!2015-01-02 14.19.03
2015-01-02 14.10.583. Ted Baker iPhone 6 case
It’s just so pretty! I’m so glad to finally have a case, my phone feels much more protected now! I feel so fancy with this one too 😉
2015-01-02 14.12.45
2015-01-02 14.25.104. Jimmy Choo perfume
This was a birthday gift, it’s a lovely daytime perfume, not too heavy. You can probably just see that I’ve used almost half of it already, it’s definitely got my seal of approval.2015-01-02 14.07.575. Red Wine
So, red wine. I’m only a recent red wine drinker, and really don’t know a huge amount about it (except that Malbec is good with steak 😉 )
A friend recommended this one to me a while back – I’ve tried and enjoyed both the white and rose wines from this brand, and the red is pretty good too. It’s fairly inoffensive and easy to drink, plus it’s usually on offer for about £5 in Sainsburys.
I have to say though, I tried this one at Christmas and it was super yummy, although a tad more expensive at around £12 a bottle 😉2015-01-02 14.08.57
2015-01-02 14.33.456. Lancome Matte Lip Colour – shade 193
The colour is beautiful, and so pigmented too. It’s a little tricky to apply, but I wore it on New Years Eve here, and used a lip liner beforehand which made it much easier to work with.
I had wanted a bright red for a while but I really wasn’t sure what sort of tone would look right on me. This one seems to really compliment my skin tone – a bluey red which pops against my vampire skin 😉 2015-01-02 14.34.48
2015-01-02 14.31.297. Anastasia Brow Gel
In my last favourites I spoke about the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and how I wanted to get the brow gel to go with it, well I’ve had this for a little while now, and it really does make a difference – my brows feel totally in place once I’ve used the gel on top. In fairness I haven’t tried any other gels in a wand format, so I’d be intrigued to see if any other gel would work similarly as this one is a wee bit pricey.2015-01-02 14.32.08
2015-01-02 14.38.258. Pug Necklace
I’m so in love with this little one – I think I’ve mentioned it a good few times now (!) but he’s just so damn cute – eeep 😀2015-01-02 14.42.019. The White Company Candle – Flowers
I do love TWC, but I hardly ever venture in, I honestly don’t know why, all their stuff is so beautiful and the candles are no exception. I put this one in the bathroom as it’s the only room that doesn’t have candles in, so I felt it was missing out 😉2015-01-02 14.14.4610. Good Homes Magazine
It’s well documented on OE that I love home decor and interior design, I mentioned before that I got a subscription for Christmas and I’m loving getting Good Homes magazine delivered to my door every month, in fact, the newest one arrived yesterday!

And that’s everything for favourites no #2!


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