Life Lately via Instagram #2


Guess what… I’m on Instagram!Insta jan15It’s been a busy Christmas period, and then pretty quiet ever since. There’s not a huge amount to report from my neck of the woods, so I thought I’d just do a lil Instagram round-up on this tired Tuesday in January!

I go through phases with Instagram – sometimes I’m all over it posting one or two photos a day, then all of a sudden I don’t post for a week, I’m not sure why to be honest! I guess it’s just one of those things. However it is my favourite social media ‘platform’ – if you will, I could definitely waste hours just sat swiping through pretty photos.
I take a huge amount of inspiration from Kate at Gh0stparties and Nouvelle, her photos are always beautiful. I’ve become a bit obsessed with photography recently, both blogging wise and on Instagram, I guess I’m trying to up my game a bit.
For me, the main reason I would follow a blog is for beautiful images and a clean chic layout, and obviously with Instagram the pictures are the be all and end all!

I’m always after new people to follow, so do let me know if you’re on Instagram too! FYI, I’m @cerilouuu πŸ™‚


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  • some days I post multiple times and other days I don’t post at all! it just depends what I am up to that day. If I’m out and about then I post more. if I’m just at home watching TV then I don’t… who wants to see that anyway? lol I just followed you! I’m at πŸ™‚


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