Val D’isere 2015

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Photo 19-01-2015 13 23 02It was time to return to the snow, the mountains were calling us…

The weekend before last we boarded trains, planes and automobiles to reach our destination of choice – the French Alps.2015-01-24 13.00.48We stayed in a place called La Daille (pronounced La Dye) which was right in between Val D’isere and Tignes.2015-01-24 10.00.12Having bought an area pass which would allow us to venture into either resort, this was an ideal location.2015-01-24 13.08.19
2015-01-24 09.58.59Just chillin’ ^^2015-01-18 08.36.49The view from our balcony ^^ it’s evening here, so the light is fairly low, but beautiful none the less.2015-01-24 13.08.24
2015-01-24 13.08.09This ^^ is one of the red runs down into La Daille.2015-01-24 13.04.40You should just be able to see above left that there are some train tracks that disappear into the mountain…Β This is a lift that takes you right up through the mountain to the peak between Val D’isere and Tignes – we headed up on this first thing most mornings.Photo 19-01-2015 13 22 31
Photo 18-01-2015 13 18 43We made use of the iPhone panoramic feature and the shots turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself!Photo 18-01-2015 11 48 40On our first day on the slopes we stopped somewhere up the mountain for some lunch – the food wasn’t anything special, however they did have these little furry stools ^^ I need me one of these!Polaroid CUBE
Polaroid CUBEGetting ready to head down a slope ^^ FYI, my trousers are Roxy [similar here], jacket is North Face and the gloves are Burton.Photo 18-01-2015 13 18 13Although I have always been a skier as opposed to a snowboarder, I always wanted to try it, so one afternoon we swapped my skis for a snowboard and headed to one of the baby slopes in our resort.
Nick snowboards so he was able to help me learn the basics – edging down on my heel and then on my toe, working a falling leaf, and then starting to learn to turn. I didn’t quite get to being able to link my turns, although I did try, but just ended up with some seriously bruised knees! Maybe next time I’ll be able to give it another go πŸ™‚Polaroid CUBE
Polaroid CUBEBeautiful. There’s really nothing like it when you’re up in the mountains, the scenery is incredible.Photo 23-01-2015 12 27 27Now this deserves a special mention…Photo 23-01-2015 12 34 31We stopped at this one pizza place in Tignes for lunch 3 times in the week we were there, the pizzas were amazing! It’s making me hungry just looking at it to be honest.Polaroid CUBECheeky goggles shot from #chefnick ^^Polaroid CUBE
Polaroid CUBEBut wait, lemme take a selfie…Polaroid CUBEWe tried to capture the cloud formation in these two images, it sat right in the middle of the mountain, just one slim line of cloud – quite bizarre to look at!Polaroid CUBEI mentioned briefly in my last post about Nick’s new Polaroid Cube.Β It’s basically like a small GoPro, so we were able to film lots of bits and pieces on our runs. It does also takes stills, and a lot of these images were taken with the Cube. (which FYI, has to be said like the TV show – The Cuuuuuube – each time you mention it) πŸ˜‰Polaroid CUBEGoggles selfie…Polaroid CUBENon-goggles selfie πŸ˜‰Polaroid CUBEIt’s a pretty impressive lil camera!Polaroid CUBEJust getting ready to head down by the looks of it!Polaroid CUBESuch sunny blue skies.Polaroid CUBEOn the day of our return home we had a few hours to kill because our flight wasn’t until early evening, so we hopped on the free bus along to the main part of Val D’isere and had a little wander.2015-01-24 11.49.31There were lots more snow sculptures – so impressive!2015-01-24 10.58.39
2015-01-24 11.43.19
2015-01-24 11.01.30And some amusingly named shops too ^^ πŸ™‚

We went for a browse in Roxy, and stumbled across a little cafe inside, so decided to stop for a hot chocolate – just look at that whipped cream!2015-01-24 10.34.05We couldn’t help but eye up the food menu though and spotted the ‘Burger Corner’.2015-01-24 12.08.24Hello! We all know I love a good burger, so we decided to head back out for a wander (it was still early) and return at lunch time for a feast.2015-01-24 12.09.28And a feast it was! Ginormous portions which I couldn’t even finish! Delicious though, and certainly filled up my grumbling tummy.2015-01-24 11.11.59We had just enough time to wander round a little more, have a snoop at the estate agents to see if we could pick ourselves a fancy chalet, πŸ˜‰ and then we headed back to La Daille ready for our transfer to the airport.2015-01-24 11.12.19Until next time mountains, I have no doubt that we’ll be back! πŸ˜‰


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