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unboxedYou may or may not know that have their own little ‘social network’ if you will. Say hello to

As a self confessed home decor addict, this is right up my street. Basically the premise of it is that you can post pictures of your MADE purchases within your home, tag them from the product directory, and share them on UNBOXED for other people to see how you’ve used/styled them. Simply, as MADE have put it, it’s ‘MADE in the real world’.
unboxed profile
I had a few issues setting it up originally, but MADE were very helpful, and sorted it all out via DM on Twitter, so I was set up and ready to go less than a day after I first had an issue – marvellous!
I currently only have the one photo on there, (my infamous copper clock 😉 ) but we do have quite a lot of MADE furniture in our flat, so I will definitely be adding more pics in the near future! In the meantime though, I’ll just be snooping through everyone else’s beautiful images!
MADE have of course done a much better job at explaining UNBOXED than me, here. So get cracking, get yourself on UNBOXED and start snooping! 😉


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