Pinspiration // The Laundry Room

utility collage copyA little more Pinterest procrastination today, I’ve been a bit obsessed with utility/laundry rooms recently after stumbling across Jen’s amazing Laundry room renovation via her home tour over on her blog. (Top left-hand image above.)

Obviously it’s not something that I can create in our flat right now, but it’s one of the things that I would absolutely love to be able to incorporate into a house at whatever point we decide to buy somewhere of our own.There are so many different ways of creating a utility area and it seems that you really don’t need a huge amount of space – I like the idea of using space under the stairs and also turning a cupboard into a mini utility room, as some of the above images show. I do really like the matchy matchy washing machines and dryers too – is that weird?! I think that’s a little OCD creeping out there, ha.

For now though, I’m trying to make our washing area (currently a cupboard in our hall which is filled with a lot of other crap too!) a little more organised. I had a bit of a sort out the other day, but would really like to get some tins/boxes for washing tablets/stain remover/fabric softener and all that sort of stuff just to make it look a little tidier and more pleasing on the eye really! I’ve seen quite a few online but they all have ‘WASHING TABLETS’ stamped across the front of them, and while yes, that is what I want them for, I wanted to try and find plain ones so that I can do a bit of a DIY and label them myself as ‘bio’ and ‘non-bio’ for the tablets and then leave a third one plain for everything else – wow this is getting serious guys…

Okay, back down to earth… I basically just want to have a little re-vamp wherever possible in our flat to make everything less cluttered. Saying that, I realise ‘clutter’ doesn’t really feature in much of our flat, I’m mainly talking about everything that’s shoved in the cupboards! (Think Monica’s closet outside her bathroom on Friends and you’ll know what I mean. 😉 ) I’d like to try and make use of all the possible storage we can as there is fairly limited space being a 1 bed flat, so I feel that storage is the key here! Okay I’ll stop talking about storage now…

Last thing I wanted to mention is that you may have noticed that it’s looking a little different over on OE – well yesterday I had a bit of a switcheroo, and changed a few things design-wise and I’m pretty happy with it! It’s still a work in progress at the moment, but I’m fiddling about with bits and bobs constantly, so it shouldn’t take too long to get everything back in line and looking snazzy – hope you like!

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