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2015-02-07 15.21.30I love a good storage solution, especially as we’re limited on space – it’s my aim to create a useful and space-saving storage solution for as much as I can in our flat, so to kick things off – belts.

Belts are a funny accessory – they don’t really have a logical home do they? Some people roll them up and put them in a drawer, others hang them over coat hangers, or keep them in a box somewhere. However none of those appealed to me – I’m very much a person who likes to see everything in front of them when choosing what to wear (hence the shoe/bag shelves!) so this was what I came up with:2015-02-07 15.23.11Three little hooks on the inside of each wardrobe door.
Command hooks are the best thing ever if you’re renting. And even if you’re not to be honest. I’ve used them ever since uni when I (of course) wanted to personalise my rooms with photos, art, and the like. They’re basically just sticky hooks which can be attached to any flat surface and removed in a flash without causing any damage to the surface they’re on.2015-02-07 15.22.24The packet tells you to wait 30 mins after attaching before placing things on the hooks, but I’ve found that if you’re only using them for something very lightweight like this then you can use them straight away.2015-02-07 15.20.53I can of course add more hooks, or remove some if I need to – there is still plenty of space on the doors to hold more and I have plenty of spare hooks. 😉belt storageI’ve also used these for tea towels in our kitchen and some lightweight pictures on our walls too – they are so so handy – I will probably continue to use them even when we have somewhere of our own because there are so many different ways you can utilise them around the house!

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