Beyoncé Dance Class, Afternoon Tea & a 90s Bar

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2015-02-21 16.45.04It was the one and only Kimbo’s hen do!

I met Kim at my first proper job in London (not counting unpaid internships!) – I sat diagonally behind her in our little group of 3 girls and 1 guy. Kim scared me at first (she probably doesn’t know that!) but after a couple of weeks I soon got to know her and what a lovely lil lady she is, and clearly we were destined to be friends because we share the same hair gene. #gingerFTW
Fast forward just over two years and Kimmy’s getting married!
But first, the Hen do….
Kim’s sister Ali organised it all, starting off with none other than a Beyonce dance class!Photo 23-02-2015 21 11 25We learnt the Single Ladies dance (of course, I mean, it was a hen do!) and there’s even a video…
The dance class was run by Dance Party Experience who specialise is doing these kind of dance lessons for birthdays, hen dos, and celebrations of the like.
I can’t get over how much fun it was! If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of exercise of any kind, but this was brilliant and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something different to do for a party/hen do. It’s even made me consider taking up fun dance classes as more of a regular thing – I know, I know, what’s happened…?
2015-02-21 15.58.47After we’d worked up an appetite pretending to be Beyonce, Kim’s sister had planned for a slightly more civilised afternoon tea. We headed down to Charing Cross station and into the hotel Amba next door. We took the lift up to the floor above and arrived at a very swanky dining room.2015-02-21 16.03.16We sat down and were swiftly met by a waiter with champagne bottle in hand, ready to pour. We then placed our orders for our chosen pots of tea and toasted to the bride-to-be.2015-02-21 16.45.45
2015-02-21 15.59.11
2015-02-21 16.32.09Not long after our teapots arrived they brought over the nibbles. Firstly, look how damn cute the teapots are ^^ and secondly look how good the food looks below!2015-02-21 16.44.57I somehow ended up with almost a whole stand of food to myself… I didn’t eat all of it in fairness – those little sandwiches and cakes look fairly innocent, but they don’t half fill you up! By the way, smoked salmon and cream cheese served on brioche bread is THE ONE. Seriously, I’d never have thought to have it on brioche, but it is so damn good!2015-02-21 15.59.29
2015-02-21 16.03.45Here’s Kim on the right with her sister – don’t they look alike!2015-02-21 16.00.32Loving the bride-to-be necklace 🙂 also the badges that Kim’s sister made were so cute – we all had one that we wore throughout the day.
2015-02-21 16.02.50
2015-02-21 15.59.59Such a beautiful chandelier and amazing ornate ceilings.2015-02-21 16.03.07
2015-02-21 15.59.42Once we’d completely stuffed ourselves with tea and cakes, we headed on to the next leg of our journey, cocktails!2015-02-21 22.02.42We found an amazing little place in Covent Garden, with a 90s theme – bloody brilliant. They played 90s songs and each cocktail was named after something from the 90s… Fresh Prince, Cool Runnings, Ace Ventura – genius.2015-02-21 21.44.02We found a little booth right at the back of the bar and sat down to choose our beverages.2015-02-21 20.07.51
2015-02-21 20.07.37The Fresh Prince was similar to a mojito and delicious too – far too easy to drink!2015-02-21 20.19.37
2015-02-21 20.08.14On seeing our hen party badges, one of the waiters threw in a free shot for the hen – looks pretty funky doesn’t it…2015-02-21 20.21.53Go on Kimmy…2015-02-21 20.22.02Action shot!2015-02-21 20.22.22Ooh, she’s not sure…!2015-02-21 20.22.35
2015-02-21 20.22.41Apparently it had some chocolatey flavours to it…! Other than that I’m afraid we have no idea what it was!2015-02-21 21.40.27We headed back out to the bar for one last round before we went our separate ways…2015-02-21 21.49.57It was such a fun day – props to Ali for organising it – and now the hen do is over, that can only mean one thing… it’s wedding time!! 🙂2015-02-21 22.01.15Also, random boob-mermaid in the entrance to the 90s bar… ^^ 🙂


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  • This is my idea of hen do heaven, literally my perfect way to spend a day with my girlfriends 🙂

    One of my closest friends is planning her hen at the moment (she wanted to organise it herself?!) and she wanted to do a 90s boyband dance class but no one wanted to do it! Spoilsports!

    Never seen a teapot like that on an afternoon tea before, it’s brilliant!

    Chloe x

    … Gingers really do rule!

    • I know, right! I think I’d probably pick something very similar myself!
      That sucks, people should just do whatever the hen wants to do – surely that’s the whole point!?
      #gingerFTW !! 🙂 x

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