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A Trip to the Countryside – Shere, Surrey

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2015-02-28 17.21.27It was my friend Rachel’s birthday and she chose to celebrate it with a countryside walk and pub dinner in the beautiful village of Shere, Surrey.

Don’t worry, I didn’t attend the walk – what do you think I am, crazy? No no, I turned up just in time for the drinks and food – clearly the best choice here.
We arrived at the William Bray pub at about 4:30pm, just as the walkers arrived after their 10 mile trek. I complained for a little bit about our mile-long walk from the station, but was met with a frosty response – what can you do eh?2015-02-28 17.07.59All jokes aside, the Birthday girl really enjoyed the walk, which is the important thing, right?2015-02-28 17.20.02I couldn’t resist getting a quick pic of the duckies round the corner from the pub. Unfortunately I didn’t have any bread to give them, which I think they were hoping for as they swam over to me whilst I was taking their photo – sorry duckies, my bad. I scuttled off feeling a little mean that I didn’t have an afternoon snack for them, but hey, no-one wanders around with a loaf of bread in their bag do they?2015-02-28 17.19.53
me and RachelMyself and the birthday girl ^^ (totally stole this photo from her FB) Also, not sure why I look so tired. Oh wait, it must’ve been that mile-long walk! *wipes brow*2015-02-28 18.20.01We swiftly ordered some beverages on arrival, all that walking is thirsty work y’know, did I mention I walked OVER A MILE? No? Maybe once or twice? LOL.2015-02-28 18.20.41
2015-02-28 18.19.08Beverages drunk we headed to our beautifully decorated table ready for some grub. I’ll give you one guess as to what I ordered…2015-02-28 17.37.54Burger!2015-02-28 19.24.26This was a pretty ginormous helping, the bread was pretty thick and therefore quite filling, so I didn’t quite manage to eat all of it, delicious as it was. So guess who got my leftovers?2015-02-28 19.24.34He looks pretty happy about it doesn’t he? πŸ˜‰
Shere is such a beautiful village, although not the easiest place to get to via train I will admit. The William Bray pub was lovely, and the food was great too, plus they had this wood burning stove which they lit later on in the evening – you know I love a wood burning stove – so cosy!2015-02-28 18.19.39I have to say I felt pretty Londonified (I’m pretty sure that’s a word…) being out in the country, Nick was laughing at me because I was struggling to walk up a slight muddy incline in my – what I can only describe as – city boots, but I made it unscathed! Take that, mud!
What is it they say… “You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.” Sounds about right… πŸ˜‰
Happy Birthday Rachel! [insert kissing emoji here] πŸ˜€


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