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2015-01-26 16.29.47There have been bathroom snippets and living room snippets, and now we’re onto the bedroom. It’s probably the room I’d like to improve the most – there’s not a huge amount of personality in there at the moment, it could do with a little oomph and a pop of colour to brighten it up – so it’s a bit of a work in progress – but for now, here are my favourite parts…

I did a jewellery storage post a looong long time ago which detailed a few of these bits, namely the heart necklace hanger above which is still such a useful (and pretty!) piece. I do need to have a bit of a jewellery sort out [read: cull] at some point though as it’s getting a bit ridiculous..! Plus I’ve gotten stuck in a bit of a jewellery rut recently, so I really need to shop my own stash!2015-01-26 16.32.21The vintage-y looking book above is a little storage box which houses my larger and more delicate earrings, and the white pot on top holds all the studs.
I’ve tried to go for a bit more of a cosy feel in the bedroom with the textures and colours that I’ve used – compared with a fairly sleek and contemporary feel in the living room.2015-01-26 16.31.50
2015-01-26 16.26.20I believe these cushions all came from Next Home, although they don’t seem to have them any more as I was trying to get hold of some matching ones recently. 😦2015-01-26 16.24.48This little dish is from Ikea, and the lamp is too (although ours have purple shades and they don’t seem to do these anymore). My bedside table is fairly minimal, I just have a box of tissues and a few products that I keep out to use when I get into bed.2015-01-26 16.33.22The dream catcher I’ve had since I was a teenager, I forget where I got it from. I’ve seen some really nice ones on Pinterest recently though, so at some point I may upgrade to a fancier one a little more in line with our decor!2015-01-26 14.48.03I mentioned this little munchkin in my Pug Collection post – he holds the door and looks cute while doing it – what more do you need from a doorstop?!2015-01-26 16.29.03This is one of the pieces that has made me want to introduce more pops of colour – it was the flower headband for Laura’s hen do at Standon Calling – it brings a bit of life into a somewhat white dressing table area!

The white globe fairy lights were from Amazon, they brighten up the dressing table area when I’m getting ready and add a touch of warmth too.2015-01-26 16.35.09I did a post on my dressing table a long time ago, so a few of these bits will have featured in that. It has changed a wee bit since then though – it’s due a massive sort out to be honest. I’m hoping to do some spring-cleaning themed posts soon, and fingers crossed this will be one of the features! It looks all well and good on the surface, but if you open the drawer underneath… it’s quite a different story!2015-01-26 16.27.32I’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection of perfumes over the last few months – I got a few for my birthday and Christmas – so the tally now stands at 4. Although, don’t tell anyone, but the Lady Million on the left is virtually empty, but I’ve kept it there because firstly it looks pretty (don’t judge) and secondly I’m hoping it will serve as a reminder to get some more at some stage. Other than that one, there’s Jimmy Choo front right, Gucci by Gucci back right, and a non brand one (which I think was from Superdrug) back left – smells good though!

So there we have it, a few snippets from the bedroom, there’s not much of the flat left to show you now – hallway maybe?! Oh and the kitchen I suppose. 🙂


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