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Franco Manca – Fitzrovia

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2015-03-06 19.23.33It was Friday night and Kayleigh was in town, so there were officially two reasons for celebration!
I’d heard good things about Franco Manca, so we joined the infamously long queue and hoped that the pizza gods would be kind to us.

Thankfully as we went straight after work, we didn’t have to wait too long. I think we were only queuing for around 10 minutes in the end.
The menu is pretty simple, there are 6 options and they’re all pizza, obvs. We both went for a number 4, except mine was sans mushroom, because, bleurgh.
Just look at it though ^^ Frickin’ delicious!
I’m generally one of those people who leaves the crust, but the sourdough base on these meant that the crust was just waaaay to good to leave, and that’s saying something!2015-03-06 19.09.58
2015-03-06 20.14.40We ordered a bottle of wine to share, it was Friday after all (not that we need an excuse) and chatted about all the randomness of life – pretty sure the guys on the table next to us must’ve thought we we’re weird, but hey – sorry, not sorry.2015-03-06 19.23.41
me and kay
2015-03-06 20.15.51After we’d finished the wine and pizzas it was still pretty early, so we decided to head for more drinks.

As Reverend JW Simpson was just round the corner, and we’d enjoyed it the last time we were there, I suggested we made another visit.2015-03-06 22.33.23It was preeetty busy, so we started off perched at the bar, although this did mean we had prime ordering position.2015-03-06 20.44.38Kayleigh went for an Aphrodite Sour again and I went for a Devlin’s Advocate – bit of a weird one, it was quite sharp, but I kinda liked it. [Menu here]2015-03-06 20.42.59
2015-03-06 20.44.23
2015-03-06 20.45.45Free popcorn with your drinks – always good to have something to nibble on.2015-03-06 22.01.46
2015-03-06 20.44.08We had a couple more drinks and then it was time for Kayleigh to hop on the train home.2015-03-06 22.01.28Franco Manca was delicious, and really reasonably priced too. If you don’t mind queuing for a little while, then definitely give it a go. Oh and if you like your cocktails then Reverends is a must!


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