St Patrick’s Day

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stpatricksEDITSo, the day is upon us where drinking copious amounts of alcohol isn’t frowned upon and being pale and ginger is celebrated. This day was meant for me! 😉
st pads collageI know St Patricks Day is the day where everyone seems to proclaim their Irish roots, “My grandmother’s cousin’s husband’s brother’s wife was Irish”. Pfft. Just to clarify, I am Irish. (50% anyway) – oh the irony. But seriously, I mean look at me, I couldn’t be more stereotypical if I tried, so if anything, I’m allowed to proclaim my damn Irish roots all live long day!

But I digress…! Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all, Irish or not – as Fry says ^^ we all just want an excuse to get drunk!

Cheers! (Is it too early for a wine?)


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*Images from Pinterest and Google, edited myself.

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