Top 5 // Spring Nail Polish Shades

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2015-03-15 17.03.47So Spring is kinda here… and I bought a couple of new nail polishes the other day, so I figured now was as good a time as any to do a Spring nail polish round up!

Essie is officially my new favourite nail polish brand. I know that’s a pretty bold claim, but they’re just so damn good. The brush, the pigmentation, the lasting power. So. Good.2015-03-15 17.04.03From l-r: Essie Mint candy apple, Essie Lilacism, Essie Bikini so teeny, Leighton Denny Honey trap, Butter London Teddy girl2015-03-15 17.07.49
2015-03-15 17.09.02
2015-03-15 17.13.43Mint candy apple – This one seems to be a popular one in the bloggersphere. A lovely minty green pastel shade which just screams ‘spring’ to me. I can’t wait to crack this one out on the nails, possibly next week I reckon!

Lilacism – The photos seem to pick out more of the grey tones in this, however it is quite a lilac-y shade IRL. Another one I can wait to get on the nails, maybe one hand mint, one hand purple?! Hmm…

Bikini so teeny – This is another popular one, I bought this at the end of last year and have worn it over autumn and winter too, it’s pretty much an all rounder.

Honey Trap – Leighton Denny do some really nice shades, and this nude is so subtle. It looks like it has quite a lot of brown undertones in the photo above but it’s really a very pale nude. It would definitely work well for a formal occasion, or an interview for example.

Teddy Girl – I absolutely love this colour, I don’t own a lot of pink things but I do love pink nail polish. It’s such a pretty baby pink shade and works really well with a silver glitter accent finger too. The only thing with this is the application. I’m not sure if it’s the consistency, the brush or a combination of the two, but it applies really streaky – and it’s not me, I’ve perfected nail polish application over the years you see πŸ˜‰ – plus it needs approx 2-4 coats each time which isn’t ideal. Butter London do some really lovely shades, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any more in the future unfortunately! 😦

I have to say, although I like to do seasonal round ups, I do pretty much wear any colour nail polish at any time of year. I guess I would edge more to brights in summer and darks in winter, but they’re definitely not mutually exclusive!

Let me know if you have any pastel-y shade recommendations though as I don’t have enough of these!


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