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Burger & Lobster – Soho

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burgerlobsterLast week it was #chefnick‘s birthday.
We met up after work with a plan to go to Flat Iron, however when we arrived we were told there would be a 2 hour wait. I kid you not. So we wandered off for a drink to deliberate where to go instead.

Long story short, Nick decided he’d like to go to Burger & Lobster. So we headed over to the Soho one and ordered a couple of cocktails whilst we were waiting for our table.Photo 19-03-2015 20 08 15The cocktails are separated into Burger Cocktails and Lobster Cocktails – the burger ones obviously being slightly heavier/richer than the lobster ones (the whole fish vs red meat thing).Photo 19-03-2015 20 14 18Nick went for a Japanese Fizz (one of the burger cocktails, despite having lobster..) which was made up of scotch, port, egg white and soda, and I went for an Odalisque which was rum, sauvignon blanc (I was sold by this point), pineapple, jasmine and lime – delish!Photo 19-03-2015 20 14 43Food-wise, we both went for Lobster. I’m not actually sure why you would go to Burger & Lobster and get a burger… £20 for a burger is ridiculous. £20 for lobster on the other hand, not so bad.Photo 19-03-2015 20 26 11Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera out with me (#lblogger FAIL) – in my defence, I thought we were going to Flat Iron which I’ve blogged about previously! So these are all from my iPhone, and therefore not quite as good quality, which does upset me somewhat… it’s cool, it’s cool… wooosaahh.
Anyway… One whole lobster for the birthday boy, and a lobster roll for me. I’d never tried a lobster roll before (and I’m quite lazy when it comes to dismantling a whole lobster) so I really wanted to give this a go.Photo 19-03-2015 20 26 06(I’ve subsequently realised that this is a terrible shot as you can’t even see the lobster roll…! Some real camera based issues that day it would seem!)
Nevertheless, it was frickin’ delicious. I honestly think I prefer the roll to a whole lobster. So much flavour.

At £20 each for the mains and just under a tenner each for the cocktails it’s not the cheapest of venues, but definitely worth a visit. I would advise you go for the lobster though, you can get numerous delicious burgers for much cheaper elsewhere, Byron and Honest I’m looking at you! 🙂

Happy Birthday #chefnick! xxx


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