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2015-03-22 16.05.29I seem to have gathered a little collection of books over the last few weeks/months, so I decided to share a little ‘currently reading’ with you all today.

I’ve been using my kindle for a long time now, but Nick’s mum still reads books from time to time, which she then very kindly passes on to me. She lent me Gone Girl which I read a while back (still desperately want to see the film though) and has since lent me the next Gillian Flynn novel, Sharp Objects:2015-03-22 16.13.59Technically I’m not actually reading this one yet, however the first chapter was at the back of Gone Girl, so I read that at the end of last year. Apparently it’s meant to be even darker than Gone Girl, so I’m definitely intrigued! I do like a good thriller, in fairness I like most genres, chick lit, fantasy, lifestyle, I’m not fussy!2015-03-22 16.21.06The one that I’m currently reading though is The Night Circus:2015-03-22 16.14.32A fantasy novel which starts off with the stories of two magicians and their ‘apprentices’. I haven’t gotten hugely far with this one yet, I’m reading it on my morning commute each day, but I don’t actually get a huge amount of time to read in the morning, because the amount of time I’m actually on the tube compared with walking to/from/in between stations is not that long (I know, woe is me, right?) Slowly but surely though. πŸ˜‰2015-03-22 16.22.14Oh, #GIRLBOSS2015-03-22 16.13.34…I love you. If ever you needed something to make you feel empowered, this is it. I’m about halfway through this one; it’s motivating, it gives you confidence, and is an inspiration. Reading a chapter or two of this makes me feel like I can conquer the world! It really is a great pick me up, I would recommend it to anyone.2015-03-22 16.20.13Once I’ve read all of these I expect I’ll probably go back to my Kindle. I have to admit it’s much easier to read on the tube when you’re squished in a corner..! Although I do kind of miss having actual tangible books to read – it’s quite a bizarre phenomenon really isn’t it, imagine if one day books become ‘extinct’ – what a weird world that would be!

What books are you currently reading? Let me know if you have any recommendations, I’m always after something to add to the list!


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