Ideal Home Show – London 2015

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eames chairs collageThis weekend I took a little trip to the Ideal Home Show.
2015-03-29 12.20.14This year it moved venue from Earls Court to Olympia. A little more awkward to get to, but they run extra trains/buses to Olympia when there are events like this.2015-03-29 12.20.22One of the first things I saw was this stand below with dog and cat shaped cushions… you can imagine my reaction right? I verrrrryy nearly bought a pug one, but resisted. That’s will power, right there!Pug collageProbably the first thing to mention about the Ideal Home Show is that they have full size mocked-up houses. I mean, I love snooping round houses at the best of times, so to be presented with three beautiful set-ups ready and waiting for my perusal is blummin’ brilliant if you ask me.2015-03-29 15.42.03The first house we visited was called the Gap House – so named because it was squidged in the gap between two townhouses (supposedly on Downing Street…) It just reminded me of Grimmauld Place to be honest…! (kudos to you if you get that reference.. 😉 )2015-03-29 12.46.20This one was just a wee bit too cramped for my liking, plus they decorated it all in quite dark shades, can’t understand that one myself…2015-03-29 12.46.04The bathroom was very swish though.2015-03-29 12.47.38The second house was all about future proofing, I guess an eco house if you will.2015-03-29 15.42.10I didn’t notice any particularly eco elements, but I was probably just focusing on the furnishings to be totally honest with you.2015-03-29 12.56.06Lots of pastel shades going on in here, much lighter and brighter than the previous house.2015-03-29 12.55.56I love this kitchen/dining room set up, the mint stools collage
2015-03-29 12.56.12
Grey CollageI loved the cushions and accessories in this place, they’re the sorts of things that would fit easily into our flat.2015-03-29 13.01.40A lot of beautiful bathrooms on show throughout the venue. Oh the roll top bath. [Where’s that heart eyes emoji when you need it]2015-03-29 12.57.11
2015-03-29 13.00.50A cute lil kiddie seat ^^2015-03-29 13.01.14A lot of 60s style furniture here, lots of curved lines featuring all over the house.2015-03-29 13.02.09It’s kinda annoying that they have the great big barriers in front of everything, but hey, there’s always gonna be some idiot who jumps on the bed or something isn’t there, so I guess I don’t really blame garden collage 1Totally loved this garden/balcony set up – would love to be able to have something like this in a garden, although what do you do with all the soft furnishings in the winter…? I always wondered that…

The 3rd and final house.modern house collageLots of big open plan spaces in this house, but quite sparse furniture too, I can’t decide how I feel about this one, I feel like it needs a bit more va va voom… 😉bathroom collageVery nice bathrooms again though. I always find show bathrooms are a bit ridiculous though, people never have that much space in a bathroom, so unfortunately it does tend to be quite unachievable.2015-03-29 15.47.57I love this big lamp – although I’m pretty sure it’s basically just a rip off of the one from 15.49.07Look, it’s our chair on the left! ^^2015-03-29 15.49.23
2015-03-29 15.50.52I really like this bedroom set up, the bed was quite bizarre as the headboard was at an angle, but I can totally see how comfy that would make it!2015-03-29 15.51.17Love the little tipee in the kids room ^^2015-03-29 15.52.27Outside of the houses there were just hundreds and hundreds of different stands…lights collageBeautiful lighting…elephant collageBedroom furniture…chicken collageChickens…
These were the cutest thing though..! If I had a big garden I would totally put one of these in it!2015-03-29 14.17.15And even fountains.2015-03-29 13.20.47I thought this was really cute, it almost looked like a wedding favour or something.2015-03-29 15.20.24Ahh, I’m in love with this shell ^^ I know it looks kinda extravagant, but I love it! I’m sure I could find a home for it somewhere in our flat…!car collageI was also loving the outdoor drinks storage, the mini caravan below centre was my absolute fave, we could totally put that on our balcony…!?beer cooler collageAs there were house mock ups, there were also garden mock ups…garden collageAnything that incorporates comfy and pretty outdoor seating is a win with me.

Finally, there were a few more mock ups, not in the same way as the houses were set up, but just as individual collage 2I loved the lights above, there were a lot of glass based pendants and lampshades which I’m a big fan of.eames chairs collageThis was one of my favourite rooms, possibly because they’re only ruddy-well using our chairs again! *chair-points to us*
I love the colours in there too, even though it’s quite a dark room, the pops of green and yellow really work.coral bedroom collageCoral is one of my favourite colours and although there is quite a lot of it in here, I still think it works. I have to say I don’t like the paint effect between the two tones on the wall, the mild OCD in me cries a little each time I look at it because it’s not straight…2015-03-29 15.28.22
blue lounge collageLove this living area. I think it’s very ‘Nick & I’, although perhaps toning it down on the blue a little. But the furniture and accessories I can totally see being something that we’d both like.2015-03-29 13.43.03So that was the Ideal Home Show 2015 🙂
FYI, I got my tickets free from Money Saving Expert – they release roughly 3,000 on their site a month or so beforehand each year and it’s basically first come, first serve! Not bad eh?


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  • Such a shame I missed it, thanks for the review! I love giving home-inspired gifts, will make sure I attend next year 🙂 I can see your blog is dedicated to decor, what would be your top recommendations for shopping? Thanks!

    • It’s still on for a few more days if you can grab some last minute tickets?!
      Hmm, I love Ikea for the ease and affordability, West Elm do beautiful pieces although they are fairly expensive, but one of my absolute faves is, some really great finds on there!

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