Corioliss C3 Ombre Hair Straighteners

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2015-03-22 15.36.45Once upon a time in the land of hair tools, there was a straightener-based tragedy. One wavy-haired day I plugged in my straighteners to find that they no longer catered to my straightening needs. The plates were cold to the touch and from that moment I knew I was trapped in a wavy-haired nightmare (and not the cool wavy hair either).
TLDR: my straighteners broke, so I got some new ones. Enter: Corioliss C3.
2015-03-22 15.42.34My first caveat here is to mention that my old straighteners were also Corioliss – the C2 model, which literally decided one day that they weren’t going to turn on. Also, they were only approximately 2 and a half years old, which in my books is not a particularly long time for a – what I would consider reasonably expensive – pair of straighteners to last.2015-03-22 15.38.17My first thought was to go for a Cloud 9 pair. I’d used them before, I knew they were good, but they were just sooo expensive, I’m talking £120 – ouch. Plus they were just black, no variation in colour choice whatsoever, booooorrring.
I did a little more research, but couldn’t get past the golden three – GHD, Cloud 9 or Corioliss.2015-03-22 15.39.51There was no way I was buying a pair of GHDs, firstly because they’re also ridiculously expensive and secondly because I’ve always had some sort of irrational dislike for GHD ever since they first came out 10 or so years ago. I think mainly because although everyone raved about them, the only reason they were any good was because they reached such an extreme temperature that your poor hair had to succumb to the straightened life for fear of impending death – which as it turns out was more impending than people thought because they basically ruined your hair if you used them on a regular basis.2015-03-22 15.44.08So GHD was off the list, I wanted to try Cloud 9 but they were expensive and also kinda boring to look at, so I turned back to Corioliss.
I was reluctant at first because my previous and prematurely broken pair were Corioliss and as much as I loved them, I felt that giving the company more money because of their poor engineering was something that I was not okay with.2015-03-22 15.40.00However as you can clearly see, I caved.
I was seduced by the purple-y ombre-y goodness that are these beauties you’re looking at right now. I just wanted some jazzy straighteners, okay? Plain black just wasn’t gonna cut it!2015-03-22 15.41.52They have the controls on the side here, a little complicated at first to get your head around believe it or not – the instructions were pretty useless – but basically you hold down the on/off button, choose your heat setting and then the controls lock (so that you don’t adjust them accidentally while using them). You then need to press the on/off button again for approximately 1 second and the controls will unlock. After you’re done, hold down the on/off button once more to turn off. I got there eventually guys, but it took a few tries. *hides face in hands*2015-03-22 15.45.31It comes with a heat mat, which thankfully is much better than the one I used to use which was made of a sort of felt type fabric and just used to end up covered in hair – grim. This one is sort of silky, for want of a better word, so is much better.2015-03-22 15.56.09It also serves as a travel pouch, it just folds into three, and secures with a magnet, which is actually pretty damn useful.2015-03-22 15.56.34
2015-03-22 15.49.39It also comes with this weird thing. ^^ I’ve used these before with curling wands, but I can’t imagine why you would ever need one for straighteners…2015-03-22 15.52.56All in all I’m a very happy bunny with my new purchase. I managed to get them at a really good price too, around £86 from Sally’s on a VAT free day. (I was actually waiting for a VAT free day for this specific reason 😉 )2015-03-22 15.51.25
2015-03-22 15.56.45My hair can now be smooth and straight whenever I want again – marvellous!


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