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Big Fernand – Fitzrovia

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2015-04-03 14.52.37I hadn’t heard of Big Fernand until my friend Claire mentioned it to me a couple of weeks back. The first two things she told me about this place was that they did burgers, and you could have raclette cheese on them. So obviously I was sold.

Claire had been to Big Fernand before, in Paris, so when she heard they had opened up in London, she told me that we had to visit. And you know me, I’m not one to disappoint. 😉2015-04-03 14.43.19I arrived first so grabbed a table, but it’s pretty laid back here, you pop up to the till and order and pay for what you want first off, then they’ll bring it over.2015-04-03 14.43.27I had a peruse of the menu whilst I was waiting for Claire. They have a few set burgers, or you can compose your own…2015-04-03 14.08.30
2015-04-03 14.02.23I decided to go for a compose your own.
You choose meat, cheese, veg, sauce and then a fresh herb and you’ve got yourself a burger. 🙂2015-04-03 14.16.20I went for beef, raclette cheese, grilled peppers, Tonton Fernand (sweet mayo) and coriander.2015-04-03 14.19.13It arrives in a big squishy seeded bun, full of all the burgery goodness. I also ordered some fries on the side and a homemade lemonade which was really tasty.2015-04-03 14.08.54Big Fernand is on Percy Street, Fitzrovia and spans two floors. The ground floor seats all the hungry customers, whereas the first floor is something different altogether…2015-04-03 14.50.27Almost like a little studio flat, it has a day bed…2015-04-03 14.50.09Fireplace…2015-04-03 14.50.21Dining table and sofa.2015-04-03 14.50.17I’m not sure if it’s meant as somewhere for the staff to sit on their breaks, or if it’s actually for customers. Either way I love it, I felt a bit like I was back at the Ideal Home Show, snooping around houses!2015-04-03 14.49.49Oh and the toilets are up there too, cause y’know, sometimes you gotta go.

The french do damn good burgers, lemme tell you – if you fancy a visit you can find Big Fernand at:
You can thank me later!


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