Pinspiration // San Francisco Dreaming

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sanfran collage1San Francisco is number 1 on my bucket list of places to visit. I would love to just do a whole tour of California, visit LA, rent a car, cruise up to San Fran then maybe get a flight to Vegas on the way back.
Granted I have no real comprehension of distances between each place, but I’m sure I’ve heard of people driving up the coast of California, right?! I’m sure it’s fine…sanfran collage2I’m not sure why San Fran has stuck in my mind as somewhere I desperately want to go, maybe it’s the creativity that surrounds the city, the architecture, the weird weather, I’m not entirely sure, but I just know that I feel some kind of pull to go there and explore.

Ideally it would just be a two/three week holiday (I have a job y’know, can’t just swan off for months unfortunately!) which would hopefully give us enough time to explore California/Nevada etc.sanfran collage3Unfortunately at the moment it’s a bit of a pipe dream, so in the meantime I’ve created myself a lil Pinterest board to satisfy some of my San Fran cravings. But one day we’ll go in person fo sho!


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