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Winchester Wandering

2015-04-06 16.52.03It’s a rare occasion when the 6 of us find a day that we’re all free, but Easter weekend gave us all 2 extra days, so we decided that on Monday we would arrange a day trip to Winchester.

We met at a pub called The Old Vine, right by the cathedral. Everyone drove up from the south coast and I got the train down from London.2015-04-06 13.17.36
2015-04-06 13.17.54I arrived a little after everyone else, so swiftly joined the table and ordered myself a drink. I did consider the magnum of champers…2015-04-06 13.19.09..but y’know, thought that’d be a bit OTT, so settled for a Rekorderlig.2015-04-06 13.18.26
2015-04-06 13.18.54We perused the menu and placed our orders.2015-04-06 13.18.18I went for the Creamy leek, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato & Italian herb puff pastry tart.2015-04-06 13.33.35Lavely. Although the salad was dressed with Dorset blue cheese which was extremely strong. Laura had the same main as I did and thought the very same thing. I mean, we all know how much I love cheese, but this was summin’ else!2015-04-06 13.19.23After lunch we decided to go for a wander.2015-04-06 14.34.37
2015-04-06 14.34.43We headed to the market which runs all the way along the main cobbled street.2015-04-06 14.46.42
2015-04-06 14.46.34There were so many little gems here, I really need to start visiting markets in London, I was loving all the vintage pieces. These decanters were amazing – I only recently bought Nick a decanter and set of tumblers for his birthday and these ones were beautiful, especially the one at the back. You know I could use this on my bar cart… (when I get one – sob).2015-04-06 14.48.55Some cute little coloured bottles too, I wish I had somewhere interesting to put these, they were so pretty.2015-04-06 14.50.34
2015-04-06 14.53.17Slightly further up the hill we stumbled across a small stall selling friendship bracelets. Kayleigh and I decided to get one and promptly peer-pressured Stace into doing the same. She loved it really…2015-04-06 14.53.27Peer pressure over and we decided to pause for a beverage.2015-04-06 15.06.55Oldest bar in England ^^ (So they say anyway…)2015-04-06 15.14.14It was such a lovely sunny day on Monday so we sat outside in the beer garden under a big umbrella and ordered ourselves a bottle of wine to share.2015-04-06 15.15.43This went down a treat. Unfortunately Laura was driving though, so was stuck with Appletiser.. 😦2015-04-06 15.18.50
2015-04-06 15.18.43The wine disappeared pretty quickly, so we headed out for another wander.2015-04-06 16.50.17The majority vote was to try and find somewhere for some cake and tea, so we wandered back down past the market in the hope of finding somewhere good.2015-04-06 16.50.32We noticed a little sign just outside the grounds of the cathedral which pointed us in the direction of an alleyway. Alexander’s was just in view out the other side, so we popped along to have a look.2015-04-06 17.40.59There was cake…2015-04-06 17.02.00…Lots of cake.2015-04-06 17.02.07Funnily enough we all went for the same – salted caramel sponge, hellooo! ^^2015-04-06 17.06.22I decided to have a coffee, while the others sampled some of the huge array of teas on offer.2015-04-06 17.06.46How fancy do they look?! ^^2015-04-06 17.41.21After we were completely full of cake, tea, coffee, wine and lunch we decided we’d best head back. After all, we had a little way to go to get home.2015-04-06 17.57.14Back to the station I went, and the others found their way back to Laura’s car.

A lovely day out in the sun with the besties. Again please!


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  • I always find it strange when people write about my home town, they tend to see a lot more of it than I do. I love the Old Vine but I’ve never actually been into the Royal Oak. Actually that’s a lie, it was part of a Christmas pub crawl, but somewhere near the end and I really don’t remember it. The cathedral is lovely, and it looks like you arrived in time to see some of the works gone. They had huge scaffolding up recently to put a crane on the roof.

    The markets are great. They also have a good farmers market once a month, and on Saturdays they have yummy cooked food stalls – I love the Ciabatta man.

    Debbie x

    • I think that’s always the way isn’t it – I’m sure my friends have done more touristy London things than I have!
      Yeah I don’t recall there being any scaffolding on the cathedral, it was looking very beautiful!
      Cooked food stalls sound ace! 🙂

  • Aw, Winchester is such an adorable city – I always seem to make a visit in the summer and I love the little streets that open out on to the grassy area by the cathedral. I keep meaning to check out the shops and restaurants more than I ever do – because I usually just make a beeline for the cathedral for the memories of going there when I was a kid with my family. Your post really makes me want to go again though, so I’m adding it into my list!

    Uncia + Tigris

  • I bloody love Winchester. Haven’t been back since uni (eight years ago!) and really have to take my partner sometime. Posts like this make me so nostalgic.

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