Home Decor Wishlist #2

Home Decor Wishlist #2 editedWe all know that I’m a little obsessed with home stuff, and there are always countless pieces on my home decor wishlist, so today I’ve rounded up a few bits that I’m hoping to pick up in the next few months…

My last home decor wishlist was a while back now and sadly I’ve only managed to get one thing from that list, but it was mainly furniture based, so I guess it’s more of a long term list!
This one is more accessories based though, so hopefully a little more achievable!

1. I mentioned back in my laundry Pinspiration post that I’ve been after some little tins for washing tablets. I’ve seen a lot in the style above, but what I really want are some plain ones without any writing on, so that I can put my own labels on. The design is basically exactly what I want though. I’ll just have to keep searching!

2. A blow up mattress. Not exactly home decor I suppose, but would definitely be useful for when people come to stay.

3. Hair tool storage. I’m not sure exactly what sort of storage I need for this, whether it’s a small set of drawers as above, or a large storage box, I don’t know, but they’re currently all just shoved down the side of our laundry basket in the bedroom gathering dust – not exactly ideal!

4. Knitted pouffe/footstool. I love these things – and they’re not too expensive either, Tescos do them for about £50, I want either the orange or grey one to go with our living room colour scheme.

5. Garden furniture. We bought some lounging chairs and a side table for our living room balcony last summer which we absolutely love. However we also have a balcony off our bedroom which gets all the sun in the morning, so I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a small table and chairs to go out there. We could eat breakfast out in the sun, have a cup of tea, maybe read a book – that’s the life, right?!

6. Art. I love having pictures and photos up around the flat, but we could do with a few more pieces, especially in the bedroom as it’s looking a little bland in there. Also love that Friends themed pic above, I wonder where I can incorporate that…?!

7. I’ve become a bit obsessed with glassware since we’ve been getting more into cocktail making (and since I’ve become more and more obsessed with bar carts…!) I bought Nick a decanter and whisky tumbler set for his birthday which he loved and when I met the girls at Winchester the other day there were some really beautiful pieces at the market. I will just have to keep my eye out for any anything especially fancy!

8. Frames. I’ve got a few things I want to go up on the wall, but no frames to put them in – boo. I’m after either black or white frames for a couple things I want to add to our gallery wall in the living room, and then I’m thinking of doing a little DIY for another feature… I want to pick out about 5 photos from uni and print them off in black and white in various sizes. Then I’m after some plain light wood frames which I can paint in a sort of dip-dye style in a variety of bright colours, think something along the lines of this, but much better of course! 😉

Do you have any home decor pieces on your wishlist?


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