10 Current Favourites #3

Current faves 3 collageAfter having a bit of a blog revamp and tidy up recently, I realised I haven’t actually done a Current Favourites since January – the horror! So I’ve got another little round up for you today…
2015-04-18 12.16.481. Robinsons Fruit & Barley – Summer Fruits
I drink this every single day without fail. I take a bottle of drink to work with me each morning and it’s always this squash. I don’t really like water by itself, but adding a little drop of this just makes it 10 times nicer. I realise I’m basically a child by doing this, but #sorrynotsorry. The main point is that I find it so much nicer than other squashes. As a kid I obviously used to like quite sweet squashes, but I just don’t particularly enjoy really sweet flavours anymore, and this is quite mild, but enough to make plain water taste way nicer!2015-04-18 12.16.22
2015-04-18 18.38.422. The bathroom doorstop
I got this in the Zara Home sale – I think it was about £15. I’d been after a doorstop for our bathroom for a long time and really liked the rope style ones. I’d had my eye on the Zara one for a while, so when it was in the sale I quickly nabbed it from their store on Regents Street.2015-04-18 18.39.35It’s about the size of a small football, ^^  just to give you a bit of perspective!2015-04-18 12.30.483. Parks & Recreation
I mentioned this back in my Currently Watching post a while ago, I just absolutely LOVE it. We watched seasons 1-6 in about a month I reckon, but season 7 isn’t on Netflix until September – waaaah! It’s just such easy watching, and so funny. If you haven’t seen it, then I urge you to give it a watch!2014-09-01 16.44.264. Our outdoor furniture
We bought these last summer – I’ve talked about them previously in this post – and now that it’s started to get warmer, I’m so glad that we’ve got got them! It’s really nice to be able to sit out on our balcony with a glass of wine or a cocktail at the weekend.Photo 02-04-2015 20 47 445. The industrial piercing
If you follow me in Instagram you may have seen that I recently got a new piercing. I’d been wanting a new one for a while, but couldn’t decide what to have, so I took to Pinterest, (obvs.) had a fairly good search and finally decided on the industrial. FYI, it’s the very top piercing in the pic of my ear above, and it’s two piercings on each side of the ear which are then joint by one bar. Once it’s healed I’d really like to get a bar like this – so cute!2015-03-22 15.42.346. Corioliss C3 Straighteners
I told you all about these here. My absolute favourite thing about them is that they’re purple ombre, and well, they straighten my hair too of course. So pretty though!2015-04-18 12.18.477. Sudoku
I’m always after new games on my phone, and to be honest I don’t know why I haven’t thought about getting Sudoku before. By the way, yes I am playing on Easy, and they’re not that easy y’know! However they do have a Very Easy setting, which genuinely takes me less than 5 mins to complete, so sometimes i just play on Very Easy so that I look like a genius on the tube. LOLZ.2015-04-18 12.20.02
2015-03-22 16.14.328. The Night Circus
If I’m not playing Sudoku on my commute to/from work, then I’m reading a book, and currently it’s The Night Circus, which I am loving – it’s set in the late 1800s, early 1900s about a circus which is not always as it seems… I do love a bit of a fantasy element in books – possibly because the child in me still believes that magic is real… 🙂2015-04-18 12.17.199. COLAB Dry Shampoo
I read quite a few reviews on this when it first came out and had been meaning to try it, so when my Batiste dry shampoo ran out I picked up one of these from Superdrug, and it’s actually really good. It doesn’t leave white residue on your hair anywhere near as much as the Batiste shampoos do. It just seems a lot lighter, yet still manages to refresh your hair in the same way other dry shampoos do. I have to say I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one.2015-04-18 12.17.03
2015-01-11 15.33.3210. Aurelia Wall Clock
I may have mentioned this a few times before… It featured in my Living Room Snippets post and also had a dedicated post all to itself – I love it that much! So in all honesty I felt I couldn’t do another favourites without giving it another mention. Flippin’ love it!

So there we have it, a little round of up the things I’m currently loving. If you’ve done any favourites posts recently I’d love to see them – leave me any links in the comments! 🙂


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  • Thanks for sharing your link during the #lbloggers chat – I absolutely love your layout!! There are so many favourites I agree with here, but I still haven’t tried out Parks & Recreation yet – definitely on my must-see list! Just followed 🙂

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