Friday Night In

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2015-04-17 23.03.17I write a lot about places I visit and things I do in London, but in all honesty I do enjoy a night in as much as a night out – am I getting old?!
So today I thought I’d do a post on my favourite kind of Friday night in…

Generally there are two types of nights in. Ones by myself and ones with Nick. They’re relatively similar but with very slight adjustments. Nick and I will tend to order an obscene amount of Dominos and binge eat until we can no longer move,Β with an edition of some Netflix binging on one of the series we’re currently watching.Β A night in by myself definitely involves Netflix, but there is usually a bit of a girly twist…2015-04-17 23.06.09First thing I do is put my onesie on – these are made for Friday nights in.2015-04-17 20.58.10I grab a glass of wine and make what I like to call my ‘speciality pasta’. It’s basically a kids meal – pasta, feta and ham. I used to live on it at uni, and everyone used to laugh at me, but hey – I like it! It’s definitely my go-to comfort food.2015-04-17 20.58.17
2015-04-17 23.03.43I’ll light all our candles – it’s just nice and relaxing to have candles burning in my opinion!2015-04-17 23.03.30Then Netflix goes on. When Nick is out I love a good binge watch of Gossip Girl. [I actually finished the whole thing last night – eeek!!]2015-04-17 23.16.55Gossip Girl is such easy watching, but also so many scandals and revelations – I love it! I need a new girly series to watch now though – thinking Pretty Little Liars, or maybe Revenge?! Hmmm…2015-04-17 23.15.03Of course a night in wouldn’t be complete without a good social media binge too. Pinterest and Instagram are my faves – all the pretty images!
Once I’ve watched all the Gossip Girl I can possible muster – usually until I force myself away from the TV at about 1am – I’ll head of to bed.
Wine, comfort food and Netflix… dreamy! πŸ™‚


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