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Chop Shop – Haymarket

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2015-04-25 21.08.11#chefnick and I hadn’t really been out on a date for quite a while, so this weekend, I narrowed down a few of the restaurants on my ‘to visit’ list and we decided on Chop Shop.
2015-04-25 20.52.46As you would expect, Chop Shop specialises in chops and steaks. We’re quite the fans of steak, so this seemed like a good choice. Plus I’d read a review on The Londoner a looonnnggg time ago and had popped it on my list, so it really was an overdue visit.2015-04-25 20.52.12We went for something slightly lighter to start, knowing only tooΒ well how much we would be stuffing our faces with when the main course arrived. πŸ™‚2015-04-25 20.15.36They do a few different ‘plank’ options to start; meat, cheese and salmon. The salmon was delicious and arrived with horseradish creme fraiche and sourdough bread. A great little plate to get you started…2015-04-25 20.15.45I went for a Royal Blush cocktail to drink, which was made up of lime, mint, cherry, vodka and sparkling wine – tasty and refreshing.2015-04-25 20.52.53
2015-04-25 20.52.20For mains we of course went for steak. I opted for the hangar steak – slightly smaller than the other cuts and arrives sliced (a little like Flat Iron) and Nick decided on the 35-day aged rosemary brushed beef rib chop.2015-04-25 20.28.45We ordered far too many sides than necessary, (creamed leeks, chips, honey glazed carrots and mini smoked bacon bits) but I love a good side, and in all fairness we demolished them! 10 points to us.2015-04-25 20.29.01The food was lovely, and cost-wise wasΒ around the mid price point I suppose – approximately Β£100 for the two of us with cocktails and a number of sides! Nice for an occasional treat, plus I’ve made it my goal to visit as many steak and burger places in London as I possibly can, so that’s another one ticked off the list!2015-04-25 21.24.22We rolled out the door and ventured into Soho for a post-dinner drink. Nick had previously been to a bar called Graphic, on Golden Square, so we trotted off in that direction and stopped for a beverage. It was more of a club than a bar by the time we arrived at about 9:30pm on a Saturday evening, and the cocktail menu was pretty hard to read in the dark (I realise I sound like a granny right now), so I asked the waiter to recommend a rum cocktail. I’m pretty sure he only recommended me this one so that he could show off his skills, because he basically set it alight, to the cheers of the crowd – he looked very pleased with himself indeed! I’m just glad that I managed to keep hold of my eyebrows…2015-04-25 21.24.31So that ^^ is a hollowed out passion fruit sat on top, filled with rum and set on fire – much more subdued by the time I took a photo, but like something out of a circus when he first lit it!

All in all, good food, good drinks, a lovely date night indeed!


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