Life Lately via Instagram #5

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insta april mayA little update today from me with a bit of Instagram to boot, ’cause I know you guys all love a bit of Instagramming… πŸ˜‰

It has been a little quiet in this neck of the woods over the last week, so I thoughtΒ I should probably give you an idea of my plans.

Life has been a bit up and down as of late soΒ I’ve made the decisionΒ to take a bit of a break. And this isn’t just blogging, this is life in general. I’ve booked myself a ticket up to Scotland to visit my family and I’m taking a week to myself just to chill and recharge. There has been a lot going on recently, soΒ I’m just looking forward to a bit of peace and a relax up by the log fire with my family.

However, fear not, this is not the end of OE – I love it far too much for that! I’m just looking forward to taking some time out and I should be back and full of beans before you know it!

Much love to you all x


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