Refreshed and Recharged

Photo 13-05-2015 14 57 56So after a 2 week break, I’m back and raring to go!

The first week off was very much meant for relaxing and recharging, and that’s exactly what I did. It was somewhat overdue if I’m honest, but it gave me a bit of perspective, and time to sit and think what my plans are for all manner of things.

This past week has been much busier, but I’ve welcomed it. Back to work and back to London. I decided to have a giant clear out – I’d been meaning to do this for quite a while but just hadn’t gotten round to it. I tend to have a big clear out every 6 months/1 year, it’s so very cleansing and therapeutic. As Kayleigh said to me, it’s good for the soul, and I truly believe that. So a huuuge pile of clothes were relegated and I decided I was going to have a go at selling them – I have a post on this coming up next week – which is new for me as I normally just go and give everything to the charity shop. But there is quite a lot of stuff, so I figured I may as well give it a go! I certainly feel a weight off my mind after sorting through everything, it really is such a therapeutic process.

So in terms of blogging, I have also totted up a few posts on my second week off – I told you I’ve been busy! πŸ˜‰ These are ready to go out on my normal Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I’m hoping I can stick to this 1-week-ahead process – I’ve been trying to get to that for a while, but as OE is a lifestyle blog, a lot of posts are based on things that I do, so planning in advance can sometimes be tricky! I have been trying to incorporate more and more interior and home decor posts though, although there is only so much of my stuff that I can show you! πŸ˜‰ But these sorts of posts are ones which I have more flexibility to plan in advance for, plus they’re my favourite posts to do. I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with photography too, and these posts allow me to do that which is great!

I’m basically just planning to throw myself head-first back into everything – I really want to be able to attend at least one of the #lbloggers chats a week – the Wednesday one is often a bit harder as I don’t get in from work until just before it starts, but the Sunday one should certainly be manageable! Also I’m making it my aim to try and comment more on posts that I enjoy reading. I know a lot of us are guilty of this, but we all know how happy it makes us when someone comments on our posts! So in an aim to spread the love a bit more, I’m really trying to up my game here.

So to sum it all up:Β I’m back, and I can’t wait to get cracking!


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  • Glad you are feeling better! for awhile I was scheduling my posts one week ahead and it was great – I felt like such a champ haha I need to start getting back into Twitter chats! I used to participate in them all the time before I took my break. I have forgotten when they happen but I do remember #lbloggers on Sunday’s! I’ll have to try and make it next week πŸ™‚


    • Thanks my lovely! Ah yeah I feel so organised, hopefully I can keep it up! I’ve just realised I have already missed today’s #lbloggers chat… *facepalm* deary me! X

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