Selling My Wares – Depop

Depop collageI’d only very recently heard of Depop – via Victoria from InTheFrow and a couple of other bloggers I follow on Instagram. I was intrigued as to how it worked, so when I decided to have a giant sort out last week, I thought I’d give it a go…

I love a good sort out, it’s so refreshing. However I’ve never actually tried to sell anything before. Pretty shocking really as I’m often getting rid of things or taking them to the charity shop. So when I discovered Depop I thought I’d try my hand at selling some bits, I mean it’s worth a go right?!

So I sorted through everything, put it all into two piles, one to sell and one for the charity shop (some things honestly weren’t even worth trying to sell! I’m talking old DVDs, plain vest tops and leggings – that kind of thing that I doubt anyone would actually want to buy!) and then started taking photos of everything in the ‘to sell’ pile. Once I’d done that I started putting everything onto Depop. This did take a little while, as you have to list the sizes, give it a price and also a postage price – this was the hardest thing, I just had no idea how much to charge for postage! Royal Mail say that a small parcel is approx. Β£4, so I went for that on most things, with slightly less on smaller things (jewellery) and slightly more on larger things (bags/shoes).Photo 24-05-2015 12 03 52I’m not going toΒ pretend that I’m a Depop expert, I’m definitely still trying to figure everything out, but I did sell my first item at the weekend which is exciting! It works a little like Instagram – people can like your item and comment on it, there is an explore section and you can also follow people you know/bloggers etc. There is also the option for people to private message you to ask any other questions.Photo 24-05-2015 12 03 44Depop is free to download and also free to list/sell whatever you like. They take 10% commission on whatever you sell, so if you don’t sell everything, you don’t pay, which I think is pretty good. However, you do have to have the app to see what people are selling, but it’s worth downloading just for a peruse – there are lots of bargains out there!Photo 24-05-2015 12 02 06If you do have Depop, you can find me under ‘cerilouuu’ – lots of affordable bits and pieces – clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags and a couple of home bits too. Go on, go and have a look! πŸ˜‰


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