Boris Biking in Hyde Park

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2015-05-25 14.37.52Last bank holiday weekend we decided we weren’t going to let the 3 days go by in a Netflix blur, so we ventured out of the flat to do something fun…

Boris biking!2015-05-25 14.38.30Nick and I had never actually used Boris bikes before, but d’ya know what, they’re really fun! We headed down towards Hyde Park, found some bikes and hopped on. They have the little section in the front which you can strap a bag to which is pretty handy, and you just pay at the machine, unlock a bike and you’re good to go!2015-05-25 14.45.29We cycled along by the river, just cruising along at a leisurely pace (although I know Nick secretly wanted to go faster..!) and just took in the scenery. It was a little grey that day, but relatively warm so it proved a pretty good temperature for a wee cycle!2015-05-25 15.24.08There was so much wildlife around too; swans, ducks, geese, even herons.2015-05-25 14.45.47
2015-05-25 15.23.49
2015-05-25 15.23.38
2015-05-25 15.29.37After our cycle we carried on along the river on foot and picked up a couple of ice creams – can’t go wrong with a cone and flake!
2015-05-25 14.58.28I could eat that right now if I’m honest – blummin’ delicious!2015-05-25 15.35.41We wandered through Kensington Gardens – there were lots of cute little dogs out and about so as you can imagine I was getting a little excited! (We even spotted a couple of pugs by the time we got down to Kensington High Street, I could barely contain myself to be honest!)2015-05-25 15.41.13
2015-05-25 15.45.46^^ Looking across The Round Pond towards Kensington Palace.2015-05-25 15.55.40
2015-05-25 15.55.53Now that’s an entrance and a half! ^^2015-05-25 16.04.25After the excitement of spotting the pugs, we headed down Kensington High Street, jumped on another Boris bike and cycled back towards Hyde Park Corner.2015-05-25 16.57.45Before we headed home, we figured we may as well stop by to say hello to the Queen.2015-05-25 16.57.27
2015-05-25 16.57.54The flag was flying which meant that she was in – at least I’m pretty sure this is what it means… Please correct me if I’m wrong!2015-05-25 16.59.22Hey Queenie!
A bank holiday Monday well spent!


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