How Do You Follow?

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2015-04-16 18.58.54In a totally gratuitous plug, I have popped together a little post on the absolute best ways to keep up with all my shenanigans!

So, if you follow a lot of blogs then you will probably have heard of Bloglovin’, yes? Simply a following ‘dashboard’ if you will. It it synced to my blog so will automatically update with each post I publish. It is purely a reader, so for guaranteed blog post updates, this is the best place to find me.

If you prefer to hear about posts and general ramblings via social media platforms, then Facebook or Twitter are the ones for you. I post every blog post on both of these and also post lots of random little nic-nacs on there too. Apart from the blog posts, the content on my Facebook page vs my Twitter is actually quite different, so if you’re really keen then you could go and give me a follow on both.. then I’d love you forever! πŸ˜‰

If you’re a regular reader of this here blog then you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. I pin LOADS of things, mainly home decor, but also fashion, pugs, make up and the odd tattoo/piercing I may stumble across. Pinterest is total escapism in my opinion, I absolutely love it and I could (definitely do) pin for hours. I don’t pin every single blog post onto Pinterest, but I do have a blog-specific board which houses a huge amount of my posts. If you love Pinterest as much as I do then go give me a follow, I’m always on there!

Instagram is another favourite social network of mine. Again, I don’t post every single blog post on there, but I do post quite a few pics throughout the week, mainly of food and home decor pieces, or something London related. You can find me @cerilouuu if you fancy a snoop!

Lastly, Tumblr. I recently updated my Tumblr a wee bit, I can be a Β bit sporadic with it, but I’ve been trying to add a bit more of myself into it. I’ve synced my Instagram account, so you’ll find a few Instagram posts on there, and I’m also aiming to post more blog photos on there. Otherwise there’s a lot of pretty pictures that I have just re-blogged, because y’know, it’s Tumblr.Β πŸ˜‰ I re-post a lot of fancy houses, beautiful landscapes and pugs (again). You can find me here if you fancy a nose.

All these platforms are pretty easy to find on this blog too, I leave little icons at the bottom of each blog post which are linked to their respective platform, and the navigation bar at the top shows a little drop-down menu from the ‘follow’ heading which gives you each option too. Lastly, my footer holds Facebook, Instagram and Twitter widgets for a quick overview of what I’m upto, so you canΒ find me there too.

So there we have it, so many options! What are your favourite places to follow blogs?


heart greyΒ twitterΒ instagramfacebookpinteresttumblr

^^ See! πŸ˜‰



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