A Paperchase Haul

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2015-06-06 12.37.20If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve been trying to create myself a ‘desk area’. And with desks, comes stationary, so naturally I took a trip to one of my favourite places – Paperchase!
2015-06-06 12.43.08Luckily enough there’s a huge Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road, not too far from where I work, so I’m often in there buying bits and pieces. On this occasion however, I went in with a mission: buy all the pretty desk stuff.

So, a well equipped desk has to have pens, right? To start off with, I picked up a couple of cute looking ballpoint pens in a pack of two, and then I spied this multi pen above (I’m not even sure what the proper name for these is, but y’all know what I mean, we all had them as kids right?!) I couldn’t resist it – I mean what if I want to write notes in green or yellow pen? PROBLEM SOLVED.2015-06-06 12.42.33Washi tape has been on my wishlist for a long time now, but I just hadn’t seen any I particularly liked. This one above caught my eye instantly – bright funky colours and in a variety of widths. They’re attached to a little roll inside the box, with a serrated edge on the side too which is really handy.2015-06-06 12.42.47I couldn’t resist picking up some felt tips – I haven’t had felt tips since I was a kid, you guys! Such excitement. I’ve already used them to jazz up my blog post notes – eeee!2015-06-06 12.42.00Lastly, these little mini post-it notes caught my eye. Pineapples are so in at the moment, and the cute packaging on these just cried out for me to buy them – so adorable!

I will have a post coming up next week about the actual desk space I’ve created, so keep an eye out for that!

Do you love a good Paperchase binge as much as I do?!


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