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2015-06-06 13.39.37Last year was the first time I ever went to a festival… I know, right – bit late to the party. However, I remember panicking at the time about what I was going to have to take with me, so what did I do? Well I resorted to blogs of course! So today I bring you my guide to everything that helped me survive my first festival!
2014-08-02 20.40.21First up, the obvious:

Wellies! – If you don’t have any, head to Primark – they usually do a couple of different options for around a tenner, I got mine from there last year and they were great!

Flip Flops – for a British festival you’re likely to be swapping between wellies and flip flops, lets be honest. Grab yourself some pretty ones from the high street and start praying for the sun!

A ‘festival jacket’ with a hood – (you know the ones). Something thin you can chuck on if it’s a little chilly and a hood you can pop up if it rains, plus y’know it looks festival-ly so it’s kind of compulsory. 😉

A FLOWER CROWN – because there’s literally no other place you could ever wear one, so again, it’s totally compulsory.2014-08-03 14.47.37The beauty essentials:

Waterproof mascara – rain proof, sweat proof, everything proof – you need something that’s going to last all weekend with little or no top ups.

Face wipes – seriously, no matter how much people whinge about face wipes, they are pretty much essential at a festival. Multi-use little frickin’ gems is what they are. Wipe your face, wipes your pits (yep) and all those other bits that you might need to wipe… Don’t make me spell it out…

SUNBLOCK – okay so I’m a little neurotic about sunblock simply because I burn like a mother trucker. I actually did get burnt pretty badly at the festival last year, simply because I had planned to put on sunblock when I got there, but didn’t consider that I might be stuck in the queue to get in for 3 hours in the midday sun… *facepalm* Always be prepared guys!

Moisturiser – put it on when you get up and before you go to bed (if you’re not too drunk!) All that sun exposure is sure to dry out your skin.

Deodorant – obvs.

Dry shampoo – this is an important one, it will be your hair saviour let me tell you! 3 or more days without being able to wash your hair, you’re going to need something to spruce it up. My favourite is Colab dry shampoo, it leaves much less white residue in your hair than other brands in my opinion and comes in lots of different scents too.

Hand gel – with limited access to running water, hand gel is ideal for a toilet stop, for cleaning your hands before you eat, and just for general cleanliness.

Also, make sure to bring lots of hair ties and pins – you will probably lose half of them, so spares are a necessity. Plus if you’re dressing up you’ll want to do some funky hair at some point I promise you!2014-08-02 21.48.51Miscellaneous:

A portable charger – life-saver, seriously. Let’s be honest with ourselves, all of us are pretty addicted to our phones and a portable charger will keep your battery topped up. They do sometimes have charging stations at festivals but you’ll have to pay (and stand in a queue for ages). I got this one, which will do 3 full charges – ideal for a 3-4 day festival.

First aid – paracetamol, anti histamines, plasters etc etc, make sure you have a few of these between your group.

Duct tape – it’s just a handy thing to have – rips in tents, broken poles, trust me it’s useful.2014-08-02 19.14.58Equipment:

Tent & sleeping bag – well of course. And if you’re lucky enough to have access to a blow up mattress I would highly recommend it as an addition. Who knew sleeping on the ground was so uncomfy – ouch.

Crockery – don’t forget to bring some plates, cups and cutlery for all those amazing meals you’re going to make. It’s nice to eat out but it’ll be pricey if you do it every single mealtime, so you’ll want to bring a few things yourself. We actually had a portable stove and saucepan so we were able to make pasta and pot noodles, very handy!

Food – stock up on ready meals (not the ones you have to microwave obvs), snacks, water and of course alcohol – check the festival’s policy on how much alcohol you can bring in as they will all be different. Those Robinson’s squeezy squash packs are great too, they take up barely any space but last ages.

Seating – portable camping chairs are such a good idea – sitting on the grass soon gets old, let me tell you.2014-08-02 19.15.30
2014-08-01 21.13.51Fun stuff:

Face paints and fancy dress – there might be a specific festival theme, or you might want to make up your own theme, but dressing up is pretty much a given, so bring along your wackiest fancy dress outfits, grab a load of facepaints and go crazy!

Decorations – Making your campsite look pretty is part of the fun! Flower garlands, fairy lights (there are lots of solar powered ones available) and fun bits and bobs to pop around the camp all make it feel fun and homely.

Last but not least, remember not to take anything ridiculously valuable with you unless you’re prepared to carry it around with you 24/7. I brought my expensive camera with me, but I quite literally didn’t let it leave my side, it was hanging around my neck at all times, apart from when I was sleeping and then it was basically under my pillow. 😉tug of warYou can read all about my festival experience last year here, and if you’re off to a festival this year then I hope you have an amazing time and I hope this has helped!!


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