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A Saturday at Borough Market

2015-06-13 16.01.01Soooo much cheese! ^^
This weekend we decided to head to Borough Market. If you’ve never been before then get yourself down there one Saturday and sample some of the huuuuge selection of amazing food and drink available. It’s definitely one for the London bucket list, that’s for sure.
2015-06-13 14.33.30There’s healthy food…2015-06-13 14.33.41
2015-06-13 15.29.00And not so healthy food…2015-06-13 15.28.05
2015-06-13 15.28.38Borough caters to all tastes and there are plenty of lunch stalls too in case you get peckish looking at all that food (which you will). Burgers, baguettes, curry, salad, hotdogs, pimms, sangria (win), and more.2015-06-13 15.54.23
2015-06-13 14.40.21Nick went for a bratwurst, and I decided on a burger (‘no surprise there’ I hear you shout! But it was a chicken burger, so there!) We grabbed some Pimms and Sangria to wash it down with – delish!2015-06-13 15.34.56
2015-06-13 14.42.35
2015-06-13 14.35.11Did I mention there’s cheese?!2015-06-13 14.37.50
2015-06-13 14.37.56
2015-06-13 15.31.54
2015-06-13 15.34.02We bought some really yummy strong cheddar, some beers, Prosecco, meats and a jar of delicious sun dried tomatoes.2015-06-13 15.40.28
2015-06-13 15.36.45After a few hours of sampling bits and bobs, eating burgers and hot dogs and drinking Pimms and Sangria we headed back to central  – for some reason deciding to walk instead of getting the tube… don’t ask me why. Unfortunately my Converse took their toll on my toes though and I ended up with a blister on each foot – *sad face*. All the cheese and Prosecco made up for it later though. 😉


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