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2015-06-13 17.27.57If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Around a third of the furniture in my flat is from there and I’m often checking out their site for a bit of home decor p0rn. I’d been desperate to visit the showroom ever since I heard that they’d opened a new one in Soho, so finally last weekend we headed round to have a snoop.

I absolutely LOVE these garden chairs, ^^ a great pop of colour for the garden, I would totally get these if we had more outdoor space.2015-06-13 17.20.16This set is pretty funky too, a little more muted, but with that pop of green to brighten things up.2015-06-13 17.19.32They have this wall of photos for all their sofas and chairs, with little information cards sat behind each one. Quite a clever way of showcasing everything.2015-06-13 17.19.58I decided that we had to sample each of the sofas (I don’t think Nick minded though as this was after we’d spent the whole afternoon wandering around Borough Market, so I think he was more than happy to take the weight off his feet!)
I loved the monochrome armchair. Whenever we manage to get somewhere with a little more space, I’d love to add an accent armchair into the mix.2015-06-13 17.23.38
2015-06-13 17.22.52
2015-06-13 17.21.35This one was our favourite of the sofas, it was huge though! But sooo comfy.2015-06-13 17.24.59I really like the beds that Made do. Secretly (or probably not so secretly to be honest…) I’d really like to get a new bed. Our bed is only about 3 years old, but it’s been through 2 moves, and I’m not entirely sure if it’ll make another one..! I’m exaggerating of course, but it’s just getting a bit tired. Basically I’m making up an excuse as to why we need a new one… 😀2015-06-13 17.25.22I really love the fabric bed frames though. They have a touch more of a luxury look and feel to them than a wooden bed and I’m assuming they would be much comfier to sit up against too.2015-06-13 17.22.36Funnily enough, when we moved into our first flat we looked at getting this table ^^ (the smaller version of course) it’s beautiful and the square version we looked at still extended out quite far. I’m glad we didn’t in the end though, as ALOT of our furniture is white, and I think it would’ve been a bit too much to have a white dining table too. Our wooden one brings in a bit of texture and colour which I think works quite well. I would eventually quite like to get a smaller table though, but an extending one. Our table is a great size, but much too big for just the two of us, and we rarely use it, so having one that would extend when we have guests over would be much more useful. But I digres..!2015-06-13 17.26.06The showroom was great, I’m so glad I finally went, although I did think they would have home accessories there too to buy, but it was predominantly focussed on the actual furniture. Pretty useful if you’re considering buying a sofa or bed though as I know I wouldn’t buy a sofa without sitting on it first!

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