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Brighton, Bills & My Beautiful Ladies

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2015-06-20 15.36.30It was girls-day-out round two and this time we headed to Brighton!

We’ve tried to plan our girls-days to happen roughly once every other month, we decided we’d try to go to a new city/town each time, and after visiting Winchester last time, we decided on Brighton this time around. I’d never been to Brighton before, which is pretty shocking to be honest, but I’d heard lots of good things and have always wanted to go, and luckily everyone else was keen to go too!2015-06-20 14.17.07We met at around 12:30 ish and headed straight to the infamous Bills for some lunch.2015-06-20 13.14.24I think we were quite lucky on our last day out that all 6 of us were free, this time however there were 4 out of 6, don’t we look cute…! ^^2015-06-20 13.15.21I hadn’t seen Stacey properly since her birthday, so it was present time!Stace presentsIsn’t she a sweetie! She was mighty pleased with the presents I got her too. 🙂2015-06-20 13.13.11Speaking of presents, Laura bought us all a cute little notebook, bless her! Mine has little foxes on it – so sweet!2015-06-20 13.12.19Moving on from presents, we ordered some drinks. I had a pink lemonade which was yummy. They do lots of different soft drink concoctions, Luce had an elderflower drink which she genuinely said she thought was the best drink she’d ever had…! I’m presuming she meant non-alcoholic drink though..! 😉2015-06-20 13.28.46Next up, food. Now I know this is a burger, but it’s a halloumi and houmous burger! No meat, you guys – are you proud of me?! It was delicious actually!2015-06-20 13.28.54It came with skin on chips which were also really yummy.2015-06-20 13.29.03Luce had traditional fish and chips – a pretty beefy portion too! Laura had the same as me and Stace had a curry. It was all really affordable in the end, I think mine came to around £13 which isn’t bad going really.2015-06-20 13.17.47
2015-06-20 13.57.02After we’d fuelled ourselves for the day we headed out for some shopping.2015-06-20 15.36.47Brighton Lanes are beautiful, and packed with so many hidden gems!2015-06-20 14.20.36We popped into a shop off one of the main streets first of all which sold all manner of things from furniture and home accessories, to jewellery and greetings cards – a real mix of things. I loved these outdoor chairs above, although they weren’t hugely comfortable to sit on, but I reckon with a couple of comfy cushions they’d be just fine! 😉2015-06-20 14.21.49This sofa was amazing – but I’m not sure how it would actually look in someone’s house..! I can imagine it in a kind of urban/industrial style loft where it would be a real feature, but not sure about a regular house!2015-06-20 14.21.29
2015-06-20 14.45.25
2015-06-20 15.34.01There were so many beautiful jewellery stalls dotted around too.2015-06-20 15.34.09
2015-06-20 14.54.51Teehee ^^ I don’t even know what this shop was, it just amused me… 🙂2015-06-20 14.53.43More pretty jewellery… I managed to resist picking anything up though which was quite good – I did get some home bits though and we stumbled across a piercing shop so I picked up a ring to go in my conch ear piercing. I haven’t actually tried it out yet so will have to pop that in this weekend and see how it looks!2015-06-20 15.23.16Well of course I was going to end on something pug related! I was sooo tempted to get this, but I don’t really have anything blue-themed in my flat so it just wouldn’t have gone with anything! I have a home-stuff haul post coming up in the next week or so though, so you can have a nose at the bits I picked up in Brighton and also a couple other bits I’ve bought over the last few weeks too!

There is so much to do in Brighton, we could go back for at least another day or two before we get round everything – we didn’t even make it to the pier this time! It was a little grey in fairness so that would probably be best saved for another time anyway.

Have you been to Brighton? What are your favourite parts?


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