The Most-Worn Accessories

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2015-06-22 18.57.50I’ll be honest, I tend to stick to  a few core favourites when it comes to jewellery. So today I’ve got a little round up of my absolute favourite pieces…

I recently had a huge sort out of my jewellery as there was so much that I just didn’t wear, plus a lot of the cheaper pieces had started to turn my skin green – ew! So I purged a whole load and I’ve decided now that I’m only going to buy good quality pieces which don’t stain my skin!2015-06-22 18.59.33First up, this necklace is from Shop Dixi. I love this shop, it’s a real boho collection of jewellery and accessories. Prices are pretty reasonable too. I really want to get some of the big statement pieces from there – one day!2015-06-22 19.00.05Michael Kors watches. *insert heart eyes emoji* I just love them, I have this silver one and also a rose gold one which is featured later on in this post. I alternate them depending on whether I’m wearing gold or silver jewellery – how novel!2015-06-22 19.00.51This ring I picked up from Edinburgh festival a couple years ago. I wear it on my right index finger, although it does actually fit on my thumb too. I definitely have a thing for boho jewellery.2015-06-22 18.59.48N’aww, my lil pug necklace – he’s so cute! If you read my Pug Collection post a while ago you’ll have seen him there – he got a feature in a favourites post a little while back too I think. He was from a place called And Mary.2015-06-22 19.00.32The rose gold version. This was the first of the two – I think I slightly favour the silver one, but I suspect that’s because it’s newer..!2015-06-22 19.00.59This ring is mega old, I think it was a gift for my 14th birthday or something like that. It’s teeny tiny and I wear it on my right little finger. Very cute though.2015-06-22 19.01.08This long necklace is a great one for jazzing up an outfit – kind of boho again with the leaf and multiple strands. It was another gift from a long time ago – probably around 7-8 years ago.2015-06-22 19.01.16
2015-06-22 19.00.44Lastly, this ring is so old I don’t even know when I got hold of it. I think it was a family member’s, but I can’t really be sure! It gives me something to wear when I’m having a gold day though, and such a cute little flower/star design too.

All these pieces are my go-to accessories (Stace, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re laughing!) << Sorry, in-joke there! I do have plenty of other jewellery bits, but on an everyday basis, this is what gets rotated around.

Do you have a selection of favourite jewellery pieces?


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