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2015-06-22 19.07.55I know, I know, more home stuff, and I’m not even sorry! 😉 You know you’re intrigued, so come on… come and have a look…

First up is this interior design book. ^^2015-06-22 19.08.40I’ve had my eye on it for a while, I spotted it in West Elm I believe, a few months ago, but this one I picked up in one of the little quirky shops in Brighton the other weekend. I’m a big fan of boho style and it’s something I’d like to incorporate more of into my home decor, so as I was feeling a little spendy on our girls day, I decided to treat myself to a copy.2015-06-22 19.08.59Another coffee table book to add to the collection!2015-06-22 19.07.21
2015-06-24 19.01.04Next up, this one was an absolute bargain, reduced to just £4 in the H&M sale. I’d been after something to store my hair tools in, and couldn’t decide what sort of storage I would need, but I stumbled across this in one of my casual H&M Home browses (!) and it was perfect!2015-06-24 19.00.05It fits everything in, it’s all easily accessible and sits nice and snug down the side of my laundry basket too.2015-06-24 18.59.16
2015-06-24 18.59.54Now this next one I’d seen on the blogosphere a few times. I’ve never actually been into an Oliver Bonas store before though – shock horror! So when I saw one in Brighton I had to go in.2015-06-22 19.06.18I’d actually forgotten that these little copper letters and ampersands were from Oliver Bonas, so when I spotted them over in the corner I just couldn’t resist! I decided on the ampersand because I just think it looks a bit more interesting than a ‘C’! I’m mighty pleased with it anyway, there are more and more copper pieces creeping into my collection slowly but surely!2015-06-22 19.06.29Last but not least – cushions!2015-06-22 19.25.33I was doing a little online shopping the other week and one of my favourite places for cushions is Next Home. I saw the copper zig zag cushion first as I was after a rectangular cushion to replace one I’d relegated a few months back, but then I saw the pug… Oh and you know me, I can’t resist pugs, plus this is like pugs and home stuff combined! So obviously I was going to get it.2015-06-22 19.25.42Look, it’s even got a 3D bow! Seriously guys, how could I not buy this?!2015-06-22 19.25.53I really love the design of this one, didn’t I say there were more and more copper pieces coming into my possession..!2015-06-22 19.26.05All the prettiness!

What do you think of my purchases?


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