Big Easy – Covent Garden

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2015-07-07 21.01.53In case you hadn’t heard, Magic Mike XXL was released in cinemas last week, so Tash and I had arranged a bit of a girly evening to go and see it. The timings were kind of odd though, one showing at 6:30pm and the next wasn’t until 9:15pm. The 6:30 showing was too early for us, so with time to kill before our dose of naked Channing, we decided to grab some food. Enter: Big Easy, Covent Garden.
2015-07-07 21.02.14They have quite an extensive menu, so it was actually a little difficult to choose, plus I’m pretty indecisive at the best of times when it comes to food! They do a special deal each day and I believe Tuesday was shrimp. Neither Tash or I particularly fancied shrimp, so (and I’m sure this won’t surprise you) we opted for burgers…2015-07-07 20.16.02I really do need to branch out from burgers don’t I… What can I say, if there’s a burger on the menu I just gravitate towards it – I can’t help it!2015-07-07 20.15.54This was all pretty filling, the burger came with a pot of chips and some side slaw as well. I was actually considering getting a side mac and cheese as well, but I’m quite glad I didn’t in the end!2015-07-07 20.47.18We were sat downstairs and the decor is done to look a little like the inside of a shack I suppose you could say – lots of wood elements mixed with industrial pieces, and the wall behind me had been covered in business cards which we thought was quite a quirky idea. We were trying to see if we could spot anyone we knew, but no luck!2015-07-07 20.47.11
2015-07-07 20.47.25
2015-07-07 20.16.14Enjoying my mojito ^^ πŸ™‚

It’s funny because I very rarely actually feature on my own blog, which I suppose is quite odd really! But seeing as I’m the one talking photos it’s usually other people who are captured in my lifestyle posts. I do find that all my girls are pretty good at taking photos for me though, and it is nice to be featured occasionally!

So, after we’d filled up on burgery goodness, we headed out to Leicester Square and met Sara at the cinema for Magic Mike and all of the naked Channing. Ladies, it’s a must see – I challenge you not to come out with a smile on your face after this one!Magic_Mike_Twitter_banner_1500x500I mean, come on!! ^^ πŸ˜‰


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