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Catalyst A/W Preview Event

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2015-07-17 10.36.39Just over a month ago I was very kindly invited to Catalyst PR’s A/W showcase event. Fast forward 4 weeks and I headed into central London nice and early to suss out what it was all about.

I think we should just take a moment to laugh at the fact that I had no idea what the protocol was with PR events, so turned up first thing, totally unsure whether I needed to be there from the beginning or not. Turns out, not..! The event was from 9am – 4pm and little did I know you could just turn up as and when you pleased and stay for as little or as long as you liked. A slight misjudgement on my part, but hey, I’ll know for next time, right?!

So anywho… There were a handful of stalls dotted around, probably about 10-15 in total, with someone manning each one, ready to tell you all about their products. The first stall I stopped at was Sleek Hair:2015-07-17 09.00.26Such beautiful quality hair – there were clip ins, wefts for weaving, fringes, buns, full wigs, they basically had the lot.2015-07-17 09.00.36I did actually put my name down to request a sample of the clip ins, I found my match at number 30 – pretty much bang on!2015-07-17 09.00.57Next up I headed over to nails. I’d heard of Gelish before, so was quite interested in what they had to offer. There were a few things they were showcasing, firstly their gel polish:2015-07-17 09.48.42Also filigree nail stickers:2015-07-17 09.03.03And their range of nail polishes:2015-07-17 09.48.49As I was there early I was lucky enough to be able to get my nails done (there was quite a queue of people later on, so I s’pose that’s one good reason for being so early!)2015-07-17 09.49.01
2015-07-17 09.48.11I chose Apples and Pears by the brand All That Jazz, which is a really lovely minty colour, and I decide on a filigree sticker as an accent nail on each ring finger. I absolutely love the filigrees, I’m definitely going to have to pick up some of those at some point. They’re so easy to apply, just stick ’em on and chop off the excess – simple! Then just a layer of topcoat to seal and you’re good to go.2015-07-17 10.08.47Moving along, I stopped by SteamCream who sell deliciously smelling moisturisers in the cutest little tins. They had all their festive tins out to showcase the Christmas range – they would definitely make great little stocking fillers.2015-07-17 09.56.19
2015-07-17 10.13.32Now this next one I am hugely excited about trying:2015-07-17 10.05.54The Nanokeratin BeFri brush. It’s meant to be very gentle on the hair, you can use it on either wet or dry hair, but it must be used vertically first and then horizontally. I did try it when I was there and it certainly does glide through the hair. They actually gave me one to take home, so I’m super excited to give it a proper test drive and I’ll be sure to let you all know my thoughts!2015-07-17 10.11.02More nails now, and some nail repair treatments. I took home a couple of little samples here too so I’m intrigued to see how they fare.2015-07-17 10.12.02
2015-07-17 10.51.53Sexy Hair certainly caught my eye with their bold red branding. Lots of volumising products, and also some bright hair colours too. What I was most excited about though, were the ‘invisible’ hair bobbles – they kindly popped a free one in my bag and I’m very excited to try it and see if it lives up to the hype! I’ve heard mixed reviews about them so I’m certainly intrigued.2015-07-17 10.52.00Phytomer are a more high-end brand, read: expensive! The brand founder is passionate about natural products and swears by the benefits of salt water. Their new anti-ageing Structuriste cream claims to give toned, firmer skin in just one month.2015-07-17 10.53.43
2015-07-17 10.53.49Lastly I stopped at the Revlon stand. I’d managed to find some other bloggers by this point, so was feeling a little less of a straggler thankfully!2015-07-17 10.24.45Revlon were very generous with their goody bags, and gave us all a full bag of products to try. there were a few blonde/brunette specific products which I shall be handing out to friends, but I looking forward to trying everything else!2015-07-17 10.27.18
2015-07-17 10.27.12They also had a couple of hairdressers set up next to the products, doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things with people’s hair.2015-07-17 11.08.59Here’s Della having some beachy waves done…2015-07-17 11.19.20
2015-07-17 11.25.04Beautiful!2015-07-17 11.28.37And this is Della’s twin sister Maria having a very fancy updo..2015-07-17 11.41.09
2015-07-17 11.41.24She looked like she’d be ready to step into a wedding by the time they’d finished, it looked amazing!2015-07-17 11.48.26Once the girls had had their hair done I decided it was time for me to head off. They were off to get in the queue to have their nails done anyway, and we all know I was first in the queue for that in the morning, plus I was getting rather peckish by this point, so back home I headed, for a bite to eat and a nap. 🙂

Look out for upcoming reviews/favourites showcasing some of the samples that I loved!


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