Alternative Bedside Storage

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2015-08-18 19.19.40I don’t know about you, but I don’t like an empty bedside. I much prefer a bed to be framed by bedside storage, otherwise I just feel it looks a bit bare… is it just me?! Anywho, I popped along to Ikea last weekend with a fairly long list of things to get, one being something to fill the space next toΒ my bed…
2015-08-18 19.20.12I have a chest of drawers on my side of the bed, and my lamp, phone charger and a few other decorative pieces adorn the top of that, but I didn’t have anything on the opposite side. I knew I didn’t actually want a full bedside table, but I wanted something there just to balance it all out a bit. I came across these boxes in Ikea, and after playing around with a few different options in store for about 15 minutes (there were a variety of shapes and sizes), I settled on these three – two in grey and an accent one in cream. They are actually a really generous size, and yet don’t take up too much space next to the bed either. They just give it a bit of summin’-summin’ and help to frame the bed. I knew I didn’t want matchy-matchy bedside tables – been there, done that – so I wanted to do something a bit different, plus I had furniture that I could make use of for one bedside anyway, so there wasn’t much point going and buying new ones!2015-08-18 19.23.29
2015-08-18 19.19.56These boxes actually worked out really well, I’ve been after a larger box for my nail polishes and accessories as they were overflowing my last one, so check this out:2015-08-18 19.21.48
2015-08-18 19.22.06Everything in one place! I’m so pleased with this set up. Obviously the boxes don’t have the ease of accessibility that drawers would, but they only hold bits and bobs that I use sporadically, so It works absolutely fine for me.2015-08-18 19.20.40
2015-08-18 19.20.29I also got this lamp from Ikea – a bargain at Β£15, (or Β£10 if you have an Ikea family card!), I initially bought it for my dressing table/desk, but I actually really like it sat here. Again it’s going against a matchy-matchy theme as the lamp on my side of the bed is completely different, but I’m really embracing the non-matching bits at the moment!2015-08-18 19.21.04I hope you enjoyed the very sneaky peak of the bed in these pics as well…! I will do a full post on the bed soon as it’s so frickin’ awesome, I cannot wait to show it to you! There are a few bedding/cushion/throw bits that I want to get for it still, but I think that’s going to be a work in progress, so I shall just show it to you as is for now – the bedding isn’t really the focus of what I’m showing you anyway! Seriously, it’s an ingenious creation! πŸ˜€

So, what do you think of my bedside set up?


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