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2015-08-18 19.30.12I have a lot of scarves. I just love them. I buy them for myself, people buy them for me, and so I now have trillions. (This isn’t even all of them)*. The trouble with having so many is that I tend to forget what I have, so I needed a way to store them so that I could actually see all my options.

I previously stored them on coat hangers – I had specific scarf hangers with holes to slot scarves in, and these were great, but it meant that one side got lost at the back of the wardrobe, plus they took up so much room – the bulk of all the scarves across just two hangers must’ve taken up about a quarter of the space! So when I moved I wanted to find a better way of storing them.2015-08-18 19.28.47When I was in Ikea the other weekend I came across this contraption which looked ideal! I’d also been after something to partially mask the translucent glass on my door, so I combined the two – the scarves mask the door and I can get to them all with ease. Coupled with this over door hanger (also Ikea), it has worked perfectly.2015-08-18 19.29.28*I have all my thick winter scarves under the bed for the moment, but there’s plenty of room to switch these out when winter comes!

What do you think?!


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