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Autumn Wishlist

wishlist 0815 editedI’m going to take a step away from home decor today (I know, shock horror!) and actually talk about a few bits and bobs that have worked themselves onto my non-home-themed wishlist. (Yes I do have an ongoing wishlist purely for home decor – but would you have expected anything else?!)

I’ve been so consumed with getting pieces for my new space recently, that I’ve kind of forgotten about everything else, so here’s a little round up of what I’m currently wishing for…

  1. iPhone case – my poor little Ted Baker case has broken, peeled, split and is generally just looking a little worse for wear, so it’s about time I bought myself a new one. I came across Casetify on Facebook the other day and they do the most beautiful cases! There are so many that I could see myself buying, but I shall have to narrow it down to one – which I’m sure will make an appearance on here once it arrives!
  2. Eyelash curlers – I realised the other day, that my eyelash curlers are totally skewiff (by the way I just had to google ‘skewiff’ as I don’t think I’ve ever had to spell it before!) so basically, one end is higher up than the other, so when I curl my eyelashes one side ends up super curly and one side not so much… Useful, right? Anyway, there was so much hype around the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers that I’ve put them on my list.
  3. Jewellery – I had a big clear out recently of all my cheap jewellery, (the stuff that turned my skin green!) and I’d really like to start collecting some quality pieces. I love boho jewellery, and I know Shop Dixi do really nice boho pieces, so I will probably start my search there, but do let me know if you know of any other good online jewellery places!
  4. Wash bag – I’ve been after a new wash bag, basically forever. I have a really old Adidas one currently which is kind of discoloured and just a bit gross really. I quite often go and stay with friends or family at the weekends, so I do need something to keep hold of all my shower stuff. Ted Baker do the nicest little wash and make up bags, so I will have to have a look at few in person and pick one out.
  5. iPad mini – Well, this is a constant on my wishlist. I absolutely don’t need one, but they’re pretty, so, yeah. Santa??
  6. Naked Smoky palette – There has been so much hype around this, and it really does look like a beautiful palette. I wasn’t hugely enamoured by the Naked 2 & 3, (I thought the 2 was too similar to the 1, and the 3 was too pink for me) so I never bothered picking either of those up, but I really love the look of the Smoky. I think I will probably try and have a look at it in person and then maybe pop it on the birthday list!
  7. Slippers – I love anything cosy; onesies, hoodies, fluffy socks… and considering we’re almost in September I think it’s about time I bought myself some slippers ready for autumn. Some proper big fluffy ones will do the trick.
What’s on your wishlist for autumn?


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