Ikea Billy Bookcase // A Revamp

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2015-09-05 12.10.22You’ve seen the evolution of the shoe and bag shelves from here, to here, but they’ve since had another little re-vamp. From shoes and bags, to books, pictures and nic-nacs – or an amalgamation of the two should I say… come and have a look!
2015-09-05 12.06.29So here they are in their full glory! As you can see, I still use them for shoes and bags, just not solely. As they were going to be in my bedroom when I moved, I wanted them to be a bit more fun, and somewhere that I could display all my favourite pieces on, as well as providing storage for accessories.2015-09-05 12.06.51I loved the shoe and bag shelves, but in all honesty, there are only really a few bags that were worthy of displaying, a lot of the more slouchy ones were just lost in a pile on shelves, so I had a re-shuffle. It’s all about trial and error, guys! I now have five of the prettiest and most-used bags sat on the very top of my shelves, as you can see, and they each in turn have other bags stored in them – I’m not one for wasted space!2015-09-05 12.07.39And of course the shoes do still feature, at the bottom I have my more everyday shoes – boots, converse, flip flops etc. and then at the top I have all my heels.2015-09-05 12.08.31There are a couple of pairs of shoes which are stored under the bed, such as my snow boots, Uggs, and wellies, amongst a few others – ones that I felt didn’t need to be out all the time!2015-09-05 12.07.50In between the shoes, I have my purses and small bags, ^^ I love the set up of having these in little acrylic boxes. I got these boxes from Muji, they’re such a perfect size, and it all looks so neat and tidy!2015-09-05 12.08.05Next up I have my jewellery box and earrings (that book-like-box actually holds my larger earrings, I don’t have a huge amount, but it’s a good size for making sure they don’t get tangled up.) I did a jewellery storage post a loooong time ago here if you fancy seeing how it’s changed!

On the shelf above I have my perfumes and a little box with all my charging cables and plugs in, randomly, although it is handy to have them to hand.2015-09-05 12.10.22The left hand shelves are probably the more functional side, I guess you could say. The right hand shelves hold more of the fun, pretty stuff.

I’ve mentioned before about my quest to embrace greenery into my space, and as you can see, my cactuses are still alive! So all going well so far..! And yes, that is cuddly toy of Boo, the dog.

The ‘C’ on the right was made by one of my best friends, Stacey, and I absolutely love it, it brightens up the room and makes me smile every time I look at it. 🙂2015-09-05 12.11.38I also have a small collection of Friends books (of course) and my trusty old dream catcher hangs between both shelves.2015-09-05 12.09.49I’ve been getting a Good Homes subscription since December last year, so I have quite the collection now. I love just sitting down with a cup of tea and flipping through all the beautiful interiors and inspiration.2015-09-05 12.10.00You’ve heard me talk about my beautiful copper clock a fair few times, but just in case you missed it – here’s it’s very own post..!2015-09-05 12.09.28Okay, so one pair of shoes made it over onto the other side… but I think these should be classed as decoration rather than a pair of shoes! The only designer pair of shoes I own (Jeffrey Campbell counts as designer, right?!) and look how beautiful! I thought it only fair that they had one half of a shelf entirely dedicated to them. 🙂2015-09-05 12.09.36You’ve probably seen this Oliver Bonas ampersand all over the blogosphere – loads of people seem to have it now (or maybe they always did and I’m just noticing it more now that I have one..?!) Anywho, it sits proudly on top of my interior books.2015-09-05 12.09.10At the very bottom I have pretty much all my DVDs. I actually surprised myself with how many DVDs I own… turns out there are over 60… so, yeah. And then last, but by no means least, my Harry Potter shelf! If you follow me on Instagram (which you totes should) you’ll have seen a bit of this already, but here it is in it’s full glory! Potter FTW!

So, there we have it, a shelf-by-shelf (almost!) tour of my re-vamped Billy bookcases. As Kate from Gh0stparties always says, I think it’s got a kind of ‘organised clutter’ feel to it… There is a fine line between organised clutter and actual clutter though, but I think I did okay!


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  • It looks brilliant! We’re struggling with how to decorate our guest room at the moment. We definitely need some extra storage space so I might put together something similar!

    What’s the magazine like? I may have to hunt down a copy. Obsessed with home stuff at the moment!

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