Life Lately via Instagram #7

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Instagram Sept 15Happy Sunday all! I always feel that Sunday is the day for updates on blogs, so I have a little life update for you all today!

My last update wasn’t an Instagram one, but more of a general brain dump! A lot had happened, I had a lot to say and it was actuallyΒ quite therapeutic to write it all down. But now, around a month has passed and a lot of the things I talked about previouslyΒ have actually happened, so it feels like the right time to re-evaluate everything.

So, as you probably know, I moved house. The moving day itself was pretty stressful, there were a few complications on the day at my old place and I almost wasn’t able to move, which sent me into a full blown panic, but thankfully, due to the kindness of someoneΒ who worked at the reception in my old development, a few strings were pulled and I was finally able to move. (Also, I basically broke down in tears in front of him, so I think he felt sorry for me..!) Fast forward a few hours and I’d successfully moved everything into the new place with the help of my good friend JJ who provided a bit of extra muscle (and a van!) which sped everything along nicely. (Pun intended πŸ˜‰ ).Β I’d managed to coordinate everything quite well too, my new bed and mattress were being delivered the following day and my Dad was coming up the day after that to help me assemble it, then theΒ weekend after my move, I picked up my car.

So fast forward again to right now, and I’m sat on my new bed in my new room, typing up this post. I’ve been in the new place for over a month now and whilst it does feel crazy to say that I’ve been here for a month already, at the same time it feels weird to think that I haven’t been here for longer. I really do feel settled here. The flat is really homely and bright, I get on really well with my two flatmates and it’s the perfect location for me right now. I can drive down to see my family and friends in less than 2 hours, my commute into work is only around 45 minutes and the area itself is really pretty and leafy which is exactly what I wanted.

I’ve also been able to throw myself head first back into blogging now that I’m settled in the new place, and I’m loving it! I love having my little schedule (new posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, FYI!), planning posts and taking photos etc. I’m not quite to the stage where my posts are fully planned a week or so in advance, but I was a couple ahead of myself at the beginning of this week which was nice! I guess ideally I’d love to have posts ready to go a week or two beforehand, but I honestly don’t know how feasible that actually is… I will give it a good old go though!

As you can see from the collage above, everyday life still plays on as normal in the midst of all the other chaos! I’m still frequenting Paperchase more often than I probably should admit (!), I’m watching Friends and Netflix, arranging and re-arranging my room, and eating burgers – quelle surprise!

If you fancy following along on Instagram, you can find meΒ @cerilouuu. πŸ™‚


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