The Pug Collection // An Update

2015-09-13 11.26.41You saw the original Pug Collection here, but unsurprisingly, there have been a few additions…!

Firstly, this one above ^^ I mentioned him in a home haul post a while back, he’s from Next – I absolutely adore Next cushions, they’re always such good quality. I was browsing online for a slim cushion (namely the copper chevron one on the right ^^) but then I spotted the pug and I just couldn’t resist!2015-09-13 11.25.14This one is from Topshop, my lovely friend Laura sent it to me when I was going through a bit of a crappy time a few months ago to cheer me up, because what’s better than a group pug?!2015-09-13 11.20.10My mum bought me this little fella, not realising that I already had a pug doorstop…so now I have two!2015-09-13 11.19.55
2015-07-26 11.16.45I had a bit of a pyjama revamp recently, I headed to Primark and they did not disappoint – two pug t-shirts!2015-07-26 11.15.24
2015-09-13 11.17.32This one I actually completely forgot about last time, because I’ve had it for years – it sits on the chair for my dressing table and I picked it up in Primark for around about £4!2015-09-13 11.17.50I’m sure there will be even more additions to the ever expanding pug collection, I  just can’t resist, you guys!


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