A Hairdresser’s Tips for Growing Your Hair

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2015-09-13 11.44.39 editedGrowing out your hair can be a bit of a nightmare, but there are lots of thingsΒ you can do to make the process easier…

FYI, the ‘hairdresser’ in the title is yours truly.Β I am in fact a fully qualified hairdresser (to NVQ3 in fact πŸ˜‰ ) who has previously worked in salons for a total of 8 years, believe it or not. And while I no longer work in the industry, 8 years of working with hair means I do know a few tips and tricks. So, let’s start with the most important:

Regular trims really do help when growing your hair. And when I say regular, I would say around every 3 months, (depending on how much heat you use on your hair) so y’know, nothing too cray! But getting those ends neatened up will make the world of difference in the long run – even if you feel horrified at the prospect of taking even half a centimetre off the bottom – because if you don’t, those split ends are just going to break off, my friend, and your hair will take much longer to grow down.

I tried to grow my hair out for such a long time a few years ago but it got nowhere, and do you know why that is? Because I was changing up the colour every five minutes and it was wrecking my hair, which meant damaged ends, breakage and you guessed it – zero evidence of growth. Compared to now and with no mucking around with colour, my hair growth has been so much more noticeable. I had a short bob just over 18 months ago and now my hair is at boob level. (See bottom pic!)

I know it’s difficult, but try not to use heat on your hair every day – it will only speed up those split ends, meaning you will need to get it trimmed more often, which is just going to slow down the growth even further.Β It’s easy to become addicted to straightening/curling (asΒ we all know) but there are so many other things you can do with your hair to avoid using heat every day – just browse Pinterest for a myriad of no-heat hair tutorials for all lengths – there is always an alternative! Also, if you can, let your hair air-dry rather than blow-drying it. I do use a hairdryer just to dry off my fringe (otherwise it ends up all over the shop) but otherwise I just leave my hair to air dry. I have pretty thick hair but it honestly doesn’t take long, maybe an hour and a half to fully dry in the summer, and slightly longer in winter, of course. Obviously it’s not possible in the mornings, but I always wash mine in the evenings which gives me all the time in the world to just let it all dry naturally.

You can get hold of affordable salon quality products with ease now – lookfantastic.comΒ /Β have a ton of salon products available and they don’t all cost the earth. For a long time I’ve used Wella shampoos and conditioners, they really are affordable and they’re good quality. If you have a little more money to spend then Kerastase is the one – such luxurious products and tailored to fix a huge range of hair-based issues too, right from the shampoos through to the styling products. Just promise me you’ll never use Head & Shoulders, kay? (Seriously, I used to recommend this to clients to strip colour out of their hair – I kid you not).

There are so many people out there claiming to have miracle products that will make your hair grow faster – don’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, if someone really does find something, I certainly won’t be the one to stand in their way – but show me some proof, yeah?! So I’d just like to clarify that there is no proven way to speed up the growth of your hair – there just isn’t, I promise you.Β There are only things that will make it SEEM like your hair is growing quicker, a placebo effect, if you will. Everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and that’s just how it is. Averagely hair grows at around half an inch a month – yours may grow an inch a month, or it may grow a quarter of an inch, but no product is going to change that. There are supplements you can take such as Kelp tablets which have long been hailed as making your hair grow faster, but in truth they are just supplements, they will help in maintaining strong hair (and nails too) which will aid the hair growth process, but they won’t physically make it grow any faster.
However, as you can see, ^^ there are lots of things you can do to help the growing process, and I promise you, they make the world of difference! If you don’t believe me, here’s a comparison for you…
hair collage edited
Good luck!


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  • Thanks for the Head and Shoulders tip – I had no idea it was that awful. I don’t use it regularly but I have been known to pinch my boyfriends bottle in the shower when I’m running low on my shampoo.

    My hair is so damaged from years of heat styling. Unfortunately my hair is a big frizzy mane without straighteners. But I am trying not to straighten it every day and just tie my hair back instead!

    • Have a look at the ideas on Pinterest, there are so many! Also, treat yourself to a hair mask, Wella do some really nice ones – use it once a week until you start to notice a difference and then cut back to once a fortnight/once a month etc etc. And definitely stay away from the Head and Shoulders! πŸ˜‰

  • My hairdresser has ali warned against h&s – also never to use combined shampoo and conditioners. I never understood that anyway – why is having two bottles in the showe an issue!?
    I’ll take a look an the no- heat tips x

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